Alina Animations - Statue DIANA

[AA] Statue DIANA

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina Animations [AA]

Couple days back i did make review about Alina's statue EROS, but hard worker as she is, she already got new version on the market. [AA] Statue DIANA target all shemale in SL and users that like to play with them. Many SL shemale clubs, if not all, will not allow male avatars in they clubs, so where statue EROS wont do, the new  [AA] Statue DIANA will. Made in 100%  mesh with land impact of 7 prims contains   32 Poses : 18 for solo girls, 14 for two girls in no pose balls latest trend easy to use menu. Skin color got texture changer, penis got size changer, and tongue moves when the respective poses are selected. So all you need for full satisfaction of your sensual needs and fantasies, by your self or in company its in side. Great decoration piece, provocative place for woman to sit and rest on or sexy toy. Any of those ways you will use it you cant go wrong. Now hurry and get it while its hot, link for SL market place and in world store are on bottom ;)



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