Alterior Motions - Puppy Grooming Stand Mesh - Metalic

AM Puppy Grooming Stand Mesh - Metalic

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: AprilMae Devin

- Alterior Motions

It was bored day in SL, long one to. So couple of my friends and i decide to go and check whats going on in some public sims and see who is cheating who. So we teleport to one high visited open to public BDSM sim. Since i got my own private dungeon and i dont like much when newbes are not to friendly i didnt explore it fully. We look around, walk little bit and there it was. Brand new piece of furniture that i never see before. You can imagine the rest, but i will tell you about 60 minutes later i was talking to AprilMae Devin owner and designer of Alterior Motions, creator of furniture that i discovered for you. This is what she told me:

"Alterior Motions exists because AprilMae Devin began to build up an inventory of animations she made for her (mostly) kinky role play. As with so many avid RP'ers in SL, there always seemed to be a situation that needed a special animation that couldn't be found. This drove her to learn to make her own animations for herself and a select group of friends. Over time her custom animation inventory grew and admirers encouraged her to sell these creations for others to use and enjoy.
As the animation inventory grew, she developed an interest in creating that just right piece of furniture for them. So Alterior Motions expanded into building small pieces that suited her animation creations. April will tell you she's no expert builder. She's been lucky to have friends that have helped with building and suggestions over time.
April has been involved in the BDSM community in RL for about 12 years and this spilled over into her SL life. Her animations and builds reflect this side of her personality as well as giving an insight into how her minds ticks. Her builds vary from what you would expect to find in a personal dungeon to pieces that she felt expressed the Dominant/submissive relationship.
April has never felt the drive to become the biggest name animator or sex furniture builder in Second Life. She finds animating and building to be a creative release which just happens to help to support her presence in world. Her creations are unique and she prides herself in doing the best she can possibly do. Seeing her products and animations used in SL gives April a huge sense of pride. As a role player she knows that animations add that bit of reality to our pixelated world and believes that her creations can help express a life style she has long been involved in.
Alterior Motions products are all copy/mod permissions. The engines used are either MLP or nPose (the no pose ball system) with nPose being the preferred and most often used in newer builds. Contact April for information about full perm animations for builders."

For opening presentation on my blog  AprilMae Devin did choose AM Puppy Grooming Stand Mesh - Metalic. And this is how she describe it:

"Custom built table for your puppy play needs. Is bondage enabled but can work just as well without.

21 sets of unique animations specifically created for this table. Animations are hand crafted by Aprilmae Devin and wont be seen anywhere else in second life.

Alterior Motions is known for its library of hand crafted, high-quality, high-octane animations and poses. Each animation and pose has been hand crafted, adding those extra nuances to create a realistic organic feel, making the toys and products here at Alterior Motions unique and stimulating.

Alterior Motions specializes in adult themed animations catering to the alternate lifestyles allowing you to delve into the darker side of your sexuality and bring those thoughts and fantasies to life. All products produced by Alterior Motions contains a series of animations designed by Aplrilmae Devin and picked or designed specifically for each build.

Alterior Motions has also opted to change it permissions on all builds to Copy/Mod to give its customers more versatility and some sense of security that your new product won't be lost from your inventory.

Please enjoy them as much as I did making them."

I was impressed. All hand made by her, form mesh and texture to animations. Fresh and new ideas, quality build and performance. Personally i have no doubt in my my that her products will impress you my readers in same positive way they impressed me. Live URL for market place and her in world store on the bottom of the article.



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