NBN wall rack

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sweety Enzo

- Nice but Naughty erotic furniture

I do love to come back to Sweety Enzo store. She is like her name says sweet to the bone person, and great furniture creator so im always in anticipation for what she is gonna come up next. On last review we where nice with her line of the beds so now its time to be naughty. Today for your reading pleasure i present NBN wall rack.

In 100% mesh item originally made and textured by Sweety Enzo and just 2 prim land impact, you will find easy to use Xpose menu with over 200 high quality premium animations chosen for this great product. CISS cuffs system, and all else that you need for outstanding BDSM rp session in your dungeon. Nice but Naughty erotic furniture store is well know in giving plenty options to customers, so in that manner purchase sex box contains 3 different color and textures of
NBN wall rack. Fully copy and modify giving you also option to re-texture and have that perfect custom fit for using space of ur choice.

Each piece of furniture that Sweety Enzo owner and creator in Nice but Naughty erotic furniture makes is detailed, well made product for maximum users pleasure. Low price, high quality and service, makes it one of great places for shopping and its one of "must have" creators that you need to have in your public or private SL space.

High recommendation for NBN wall rack, and im looking forward to see what she will release next form her adult treasure chest of innovation.


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