Smooching Serpents Demon Wings

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


I have hard job today. To make review and put in words all that this, state of the art, motorcycle can do. And i also have to admit i did put this article "on the hold" and take my time to think what will be right way to present it to you my readers and describe all the features that Smooching Serpents Demon Wings motorcycle have even in his basic standard version. Eve Light owner of * SMOOCHING SERPENTS * RLV Furniture store really did show what her creativity can do on this one, and she created something that is way in front any standard for any bike known to me in SL so far. So i will let her tell you what that "bad boy" can do:

Smooching Serpents ---DEMON WINGS---
Take her for a ride she will never forget...

Motorcycle FEATURES:

- as fast as beautiful
- automatic mode or switch gears manually
- takes a passenger
- lock/unlock option (can be driven by anyone)
- change sounds
- realistic driver animations (lean left/right,..)
- turbo option, burnout, wheelie, and more
- change parts (wings on/off, handle bars, seats)
- enhanced texture change


- high quality couple animations
- cuddle, sex + "the hard way" (BDSM)
- poseball-free, just stay seated and fuck anywhere!
- RLV forcesit / RLV restrictions menu


- Going for a ride and no idea where to go?

With this vehicle you will have the option to push a button and immediately tp up in the sky and rezz a skybox or scene.
Included in this Version there is the Scene "Lost Island".

Scene "LostIsland":
Tropical Sky-Island, incl. a "Forced Sunshine" RLV Sex Hammock (rezzes pillory, x-cross and more for your bondage fantasies!), sunbath poseballs, a romantic fireplace, swimmable water and more.

This is your perfect mobile home!

There are more Scenes and Morphing Houses available as Plugins, all furnished by Smooching Serpents - Check them out!

+ you always receive automatic lifetime updates!

And all that in price range that is under average ACS script bike in SL. I was amazed by performance and options. Texture changer is extraordinary, so all is fully customizable till smallest detail when it comes to look of this fine bike. In just few minutes and few button clicks in menu you can create your own personal dream bike and hit that SL highways. When it comes to sex menu i only have praises for it too. Wast and easy to use, with high quality animations that we used to have in all * SMOOCHING SERPENTS * furniture with full RLV feature. And like all that is not enough Eve Light offers 5 additional upgrade plug in modules that will rez additional sky boxes fully furnished with her top of the line sex RLV furniture. If you are true biker, nomad, if u like to travel light, this is must have bike for you. With 2 clicks of the button you will have your own personal sky box at any height you choose for your and your partners intimate pleasure moments. And since all bikers sim are open to public rezzing that means no rent. Rezz it, use it, derezz it and move on. Options are countless, and with this Smooching Serpents Demon Wings motorcycle only limit is your own imagination. Also i have to add that people from SMOOCHING SERPENTS are kindest one i know in SL so if u have any questions about upgrade or how to add the additional plug in module they customer service is ready for you. With all that said, i strongly recommend Smooching Serpents Demon Wings motorcycle and suggest you to tp in store and have look at it. All that this bike have to offer is hard to put in words.



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