VJ-Wow! That's what I call Doggy!

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Vijay Uggla

- OmniPotent Animations

Discovering real animation enthusiast and creators that are zealous in they work to make new, different, impeccable high quality furniture and present them to you my readers is what i love the best. Thats why its my pleasure to have Vijay Uggla owner of OmniPotent Animations joined to our blog family of great and unique designers that i review on my blog. OmniPotent Animations are original in more then one way. Vijay Uggla making new different animations for each piece of furniture that can be find exclusively and only in his products and this is what he says about that:

"All Animations and Sculpts and Textures Made by Vijay Uggla
Original and exclusive to each individual product.

OmniPotent Animations Never recycle animations between products.

OmniPotent Animations Never use 3rd party Animations, Sculpts or Textures.

For opening presentation and first review on my blog we choose for you my readers one of OmniPotent Animations classic and awesome piece, VJ-Wow! That's what I call Doggy!, couch thats very often rezed on many good open to public adult sims. Couch that, in my humble opinion, should be in all better private adult furniture collection. Gentle and harmless by the look but "hard core" and intense by his content VJ-Wow! That's what I call Doggy! couch will satisfy all, from "vanilla and normal" to BDSM users. Here are some technical info:


All crammed into a Sofa-couch with a full featured interactive sex bed animation engine with synced sound animation action! and particle bodily fluid effects!!

Animations never before seen (or heard of) positions that will totally blow your mind (...and load).

Molesting, Breat grabbing and Fucking
Fingering, Tickling
Foot sex
Acrobatic Sex (REVERSED legs in the air pumping action!)
Strangling and Fucking
Slapping [ from many Doggie positions! ]
Hair Pulling
Forced Sex
Belly Rubs
Flips [ You Have to see to to believe it!! ]
Ejaculation - shiofuki Gush making
Doggy Style: Described in the Kama Sutra as "the congress of a cow"
Butt Fucking with various arm / butt or hair grabbing and Speeds ! !

Made of >> 169 << individual animations!!! for the ultimate in interactive Sensual experience...

Why Choose "WOW! That's what I call Doggy!"

1. Top Quality:
Incredible amount of detail (highest unique key-frame per sec). The advantage over motion capture is the lack of superfluous details which detracts from each animation's core message. You get undiluted, top roleplay experience

with OmniPotent made animations. Don't take my word for it. Try it!

2. Top Value:
No recycled animations. Each animation in all OmniPotent products are made specially just for ONE

product. You never get the same animation from any other product. This product has the highest number

of animations-to-price ratio of all OmniPotent creations. Absolute MUST HAVE for collectors!

3. No Nonsense:
OmniPotent animation devotes hard hours into animation quality. No time for professional marketing

strategies, Fancy shop fronts, pricing wars, spamming, etc etc. Therefore any issues/problems dealt

without drama or wasting of our time ~ with Your satisfaction as priority.

All original animations ONLY available in this product.

Slapping with sounds.

Squirting with gushing particle and sound effect!!

Variable speeds on selected animations.

Original sculpted prim sofa with baked textures. Tintable to your own liking.

Couch extends automatically for certain positions.

Lifetime Update system.

====technical notes======

Modify - yes
Copy - yes
Transfer - no

Sculpted Prim Sofa ranges from 4 to 9 Prims based on Pose selected

With all that said, i only can add that Vijay Uggla is very easy to work with so customer service and support must be on high level to. Highly recommended quality piece of furniture that i enjoy in my SL home and im always glad to come back to. Be sure to take look OmniPotent Animations store and try it out.



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