Pandoras SEX Box Dolls

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Arianna Dragovar

- Euphoria Home of Sexy & Silly Things and Ethereal Jewels

Same like in real life, in SL you never know what new day brings. I was having fun and chatting in one club when one of my sl groups did pop up with message " If anyone wants a free collar with RLV on it let me know I am testing out a script-they have moving dirty GIFS on them :)" I was not able to resist, and i send im to person that send collar message, to perfect stranger that ws giving away stuff. Thats how i meet Arianna Dragovar, owner and creator of Inside Pandoras Box Sim  and Euphoria Store. She tp me to see her place and i was amazed. Sim is huge, so detailed and so creative like its hard to find in todays SL. We where walking around and talking and this is what she tell me about her sim and store:

"Inside Pandoras Box is an Artistic Fantasy Erotica Sim that has taken Over 2000 hours to build. With Over 90 Free Unique Things and 4 Amazing Free Skyboxes it has a Mediterranean Outdoor Voice Hangout Lounge with the Best Sex & Dancing Animations, 2 Pools, The Dirty Ice Cream Shop, an Outdoor Carnival, Beach, The Main Store Euphoria filled with Sex Dolls, Shapes and Jewelry and the Mermaid Grove with the Save the Animals Treehouse. Come find Free Collars, Sex Toys, BDSM Fun, Boats, Gliders and Feather/Fish Tours!  Be Sure to take the Hummingbird Teleport to see the Grand Finale The Ethereal Realm which is in the Sky to find Your Destiny through Hope & Inspiration. Please Visit Inside Pandoras Box Where Dreams Really Do Cum True!"

My attention was drown by her sex dolls; cheep but quality made, great looking animated decoration for your adult sim, private home or just amazing gift for someones rez day. Its innovative, decorative and creative like whole her sim. Like always i will set URL for market place store and in world store so please go look for your self, and you will be amazed same like i was. Great job Arianna Dragovar!



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