Something Else - Woodsy Garden Bench X-R

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cerina Zeplin

- Something Else Designs

After making great and brave steps in world of exquisite high quality BDSM furniture that is true decoration for all interior places not just dungeons, because she really is true to her credo "too beautiful to keep in a dungeon", Cerina Zeplin owner of Something Else Designs goes out door for first time with her new Something Else - Woodsy Garden Bench X-R that i have pleasure to review and test first as brand new product released to sale on september 3. in her in world store. So this is exclusive for you my readers.

Amazing good looking 100% mesh with only 3 prims land impact will give u garden, porch, park or any out door area that special antique and old time class mood and value, both as decoration and highly functional piece of adult furniture. Powered by AvSitter no pose balls system, Cerina gives us latest trends in adult furniture SL industry with traditional high quality premium choice of animation for this masterpiece bench. 147 of total animations are divided in:

15 Single Sits - Male & Female
23 Couples Cuddles & Kisses
8 Master-Slave Cuddles & Kisses
35 Couples Sex Animations

in very easy, intuitive user friendly menu. With outstanding quality, impeccable eye to details and constant work to keep her fine product updated providing customers reliable "top shelf" items that guarantee pleasure in use and satisfaction of your sexual dreams and fantasies. Her customer service is always ready to assist you and answer any question that you might have or provide any help to all her consumers. On top of all that Cerina Zeplin is giving   20% Introductory Discount for Group Members. With all that said this latest product from Something Else Designs is high value "must have" item that i more then highly recommend.
Available in world store only.


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