Pestique store - Oslo Chaise Longue (Adult) Xcite!

Oslo Chaise Longue (Adult) Xcite!

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

It all started just like another day in sl. Im's and routine. My dear friend Jo tp me to some club, they having party. Im usually not coming to parties to people that i dont know, but Jo is always so kind and sweet so i was not able to say no to her. Club was ok, crowd friendly, and after usual greetings and compliments i start to zoom around. And there it was, piece of adult furniture that i have not seen before. Right click, edit and open creator profile. All was looking good, i try system and animations, look at it from all sides all was more then good. So i didnt burn any daylight and i send review offer to Sara Greene owner of  Pestique store. She did reply in minutes and we arrange meeting few hours later.

Store was god build and nice to walk true, all furniture was looking awesome. Sara Greene was open and polite, very easy to talk with. I did ask her few questions about her store and work and this is what she told me:

"I  started building in 2008 when I wanted the 'perfect'  bath, and could not find any that I liked.  Found that I enjoyed making it, it was something fun and interesting to do and so I went on to make more furnishings.  Seemed a natural step to take.  With the encouragement of friends I started a small business Christmas time 2008..  although I only made one sale, being a shop owner was a fun thing to do!
My passion is to work with color and textures, having realism and honestly in designs.  Creating designs that work with people and how they might want to use things. I'm a romantic at heart who loves making furniture for couples; using the best animations and fitting them together in a realistic scenes. These days, I mostly work with mesh and looking forward to getting to grips with the new Materials. I'm always learning and loving every minute of it.
I have, over time, expanded my shop to include just about everything people might want in their Second LIfe homes. From the living room, to kitchen, bedroom and bath, patio furnishing and other home decor items. I'm always striving to create new, amusing, romantic and downright sexy furniture pieces.
My Business is founded on the philosophy of being dedicated to the highest quality, outstanding customer service, and making your Second Life home more beautiful and enjoyable."

For opening review Sara Greene picked Oslo Chaise Longue (Adult) Xcite, her own 100% mesh 7 pims land inpact creation. Here is how she describe it:

"The Oslo Chaise is a mesh chaise longue for one or two people, in a very Scandanavian style, baked with beautiful and detailed textures on the couch and cushions. Both the chaise and the cushions have multiple textures options, each element can be changed individually giving many possible combinations.

Poses are arranged in menus for Singles, CouplesPG, CouplesXX and ExtrasXX. Singles contains 6 sits each for male and female avatars - these are unsynched, meaning each avatar can change their pose without affecting the other. CouplePG menu has 26 synchronized couples cuddles and kisses, and an Activities menu with 9 poses ranging from drinking wine to watching tv or even knitting. All activity poses rezz props which will in turn give a wearable item (touch the prop to be given the wearable), on changing pose the worn item will automatically detach. CouplesXX has 22 foreplay and sex animations for a m/f couple, and a Sequences menu with 6 long play sequences, an extra 30 unique animations linked into 6 scenes! The additional ExtrasXX menu contains all the sequence animations individually. Inside the ExtrasXX menu you will also find 4 long play sequenced Massages.

All adult animations include facial expressions and are scripted to react with Xcite! genitals to control arousal and cock tilt. Facial expressions can be toggled on/off by the owner.

Some sets will rezz props and these props will generally give a wearable item (coffee mug, fighting pillow etc). Worn items will automatically detach when the pose is changed or both avatars stand up. Simply touch the prop to be given the wearable item!

Poses are easily adjustable and the chaise will remember the personal adjustments of up to 400 individual avatars. All rezzed items are full prim and WILL add temporarily to prim count, however I have tried to keep them as low in prims as possible. Please allow up to 15 prims for rezzed items.

Singles Menu:

6 poses Male
6 poses Female

CouplesPG Menu:

18 cuddles
6 kisses
9 'activities'

CouplesXX Menu

8 Foreplay
14 Sex
6 Sequences (including Sleeping)


All 41 animations from the sequences menu
4 long play Massage sequences

Perms are mod/copy, all scripts & rezzed items are copy only.

This is an original Pestique Mesh item, with a LI of 7 (prim equivalent)

This listing is for the Adult chaise, a PG version is also available."

After all that said i only can recommend to you my dear readers to find some time and visit Sara Greene's Pestique store on SL market place or in world and take look at her fine high quality work, URL's are listed on bottom. Personally im looking forward to see more of her work and creations.

Good job Sara Greene ;)



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