*KL* Capture Cage

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kristina Deschanel

- *KL* BDSM Store

In fast growing BDSM market few names in SL do have cult status. Making furniture that stud test of time, intensive use, impeccable design and animations that just inspired you to use it over and over again. One of those names by no doubt is Kristina Deschanel owner and creator of *KL* BDSM Store. Her products are on all public BDSM sims, new ones and old ones, allowing us to enjoy and play with her unique design and quality furniture. for this review Kristina Deschanel did choose *KL* Capture Cage, latest product in her amazing store. 16 prim land impact in familiar Kristina design that did make her brand name in BDSM world  is an advanced menu driven piece of equipment that implements the latest features of the MLP 2.4 and adds support for RLV Relay API in addition to Lockmeister compatibility. Menu is extremely user friendly and easy to use featuring:

* Discipline
* Use sub
* Swing
* Cage
* Lock
* RLV Capture
* Get
* Stop
* Options

I will try to explain what few less know options for BDSM novice does:

Turns frame into a cage (adds cage door and pack plane). Clicking on it again turns it back to frame.

In cage mode, it locks the cage doors and prevents them from being open.

RLV Capture
It will scan for nearby persons wearing RLV Relay device. If it finds them, displays a list from which a specific person can be chosen on forced into the cage. RLV relays are common in collar devices such us OpenCollar. If you don't own one, the cage can give you one in Get → Relay HUD.

Once a person is captured, going into RLV Capture menu will present two options. *Release* will allow them to use stand up button which has been disabled automatically when they were captured, but keep them in the cage, which they can now leave if they want.

*Unsit* will force them off the device.

Gives out items: Cuffs, lockmeister compatible cuffs for use with bondage equipment, Help: notecard; Relay HUD: RLV compatible relay HUD for use for the capture.

All that features, amazing unique design, great choice of premium quality animations and more then fair price making this fine *KL* BDSM Store product must have item for all BDSM and RLV enthusiasts and users.


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