Alina Animations - Round Couch V4

[AA] Round Couch V4

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf


This will be unusual and strange blog. Blog that i wanna to make for my self and for you my readers. Please let me explain how and why.

Ever since i join in SL, near 3 years ago, i was trying to be friendly, to help and teach new residents thing or two. We all know that each beginning is hard, and we all remember our SL childhood when others help us with first good skins, ao's, ect. and i think in each individual SL journey each of us did meet and come across to more bad persons then good, at least i did. And thats where my motives for all that i did in past here in SL, with sim security, my Taution's Castle, SL porn industry and now my blog, are. In all manufacturers of anything, RL or SL, you can find different people. I will not use any "names" at purpose here now, because if i dont have to say anything good about someone i will say nothing at all but its kinda hard to be quiet when you are provoked. So far all my blog work was based to help out my friends in adult furniture industry, and i didnt ask any compensation for my "work"/blog. I didnt think its necessary for few reasons, i like to help, i like support creative people that making SL more good place to be for all of us. I have ok price for my SL land, custom made castle that i adore, and over 1600 USD not linden dollars in furniture thats rezed in the castle. And even i dont know how more i do have in my inventory. All that came over period of time, true jobs i did in SL and with help from my dear SL friends. So when some one that dont even know me, and that i approach to offer help treat me and handle me like some kinda screamer or when someone does that to my other friends it makes me mad. So i will give two examples that will finally lead us to Alina Animation and fine product that im reviewing in bit strange way today. Lets say there is adult furniture store in SL, and lets call that store "princess". And please keep on pretend that i did send note card offering free blog review of furniture that, lets call her super princess owner of princess store, sales in SL. So conversation goes something like this:

edvard Taurion: hi there :) i see u got my note card :)
super princess: Thank you for the offer. If you like to review my designs, that would be great of course, please send me a link if you do. But I only send  free review items to bloggers that have shown an interest by buying my designs first, and have been blogging for at least 3 months
edvard Taurion: lol ty for ur generous offer but i will have to decline that. bloging for free is something that i dont mind to do at all, but me paying u and after that advertising u on top of it is lil bit to much. good luck with ur store, and have good day :)
super princess: You seem to use blogging a way to get free stuff
edvard Taurion: well if that is ur impression i wont dispute it :) sorry for me not wanna pay u and advertise u too :)
super princess: That is at least the impression you give. Please understand, I invest about 6 to 8 weeks of more then full time work in an adult bed, and hundreds of us dollars in animations, scripts and such. You will spend 20 minutes maybe on a blog that has no visitors yet
super princess: That seems out of balance for me. Have a nice day and good luck with the blog
edvard Taurion: well each of my articles have at least 300 clicks per week
edvard Taurion: cos im not new its just new blog
edvard Taurion: i use to work for black sheet magazine till owner close it
edvard Taurion: second
edvard Taurion: i got my links giver all over sl on mayor adult sims that u can check by ur self and i can provide u lm's for them
edvard Taurion: so if im trying to be fair to u and offer u commercial, witch all others main furniture producers did accepted as u see on web page, plz be polite and just say no and not call me names. ty, good luck with ur store, and have great day :)

Now with Merle Haggard in my cd singing "if u dont love it leave it" let me tell you second story. Person that i know in SL porn production decide that she will shoot orgy clip. So she talks with few people asking whats the best bed to use for that. Sorry that i cant mention any names but trust me she is very good director that publish her work on line and keeping standards at highest level. Not some gonzo cheep stuff with amateurs and newbies. Sadly she didnt talk with me so information that she did get is that best orgy bed is from SL furniture brand, lets call them for this occasion, XNX. So she goes to that imaginary XNX store and try to contact owner. First replay she did have is we dont work with note cards and im's use our web page. So she did, telling them what she is up to asking can she rent or loan bed for films that they will be mentioned as sponsors and all rest but no answer came. Not even from web page like she was instructed to do. Since she is serious producer she bought bed, pay 8500 lindens for it and did make 2 films with it like she plained. She was even fair enough to, after all this ignoring, mention XNX as furniture maker of bed used in videos. Now, she is selling that bed for 4000 lin. And now she did im me do i know someone that would like to buy it cos she cant sell it by her self. And now we coming to todays review, [AA] Round Couch V4 made by Alina Graf.

Brand new, straight from store, Alina's [AA] Round Couch V4 is cheaper then 4000 lin, in less prims, more animations and all else. Lets do numbers: custom made sculpt by BelleJour Shinn with only 6 prims land impact, textured by BelleJour made textures contains latest version 4 of Alina Graf menu. This is what Alina Graf says about it:

This couch is designed for clubs or large living rooms. It has a round sofa around an Ultimate Rug V4 of mines added with several sit, cuddle, kiss and tease poses on sofa.
Good for external use too thanks to rattan and tatami textures.
Supports up to 6 players, both genders, including a menu for 2 bisexual males and 1 female. Sofa has up 4 sits in its pillows. Texture changer is clicking
the red button at center: it has 7x17x3 combinations.
• 297 menu poses, 669 all original and self made animations
• Singles, Couples, 3some, 4somes and 6some animations for both MF and FF combinations.
• Straight, Lesbian and Bisexual animations.
• Multispeed feature for couple sex poses.
• XPose engine with XCite devices compatibility.
• Pose adjust & permission settings for owner.
• 6 PRIMS: low prims design with 2 sculpted pillows and shadows.
• 7x17x3 TEXTURES choices for owner (default).

The build is only 6 prims. A red button for change textures, click pillows to sit without pose balls, click everywhere else to use pose balls engine.
Size is 8 mt diameter.
All handmade and original animations, the best of my creations, with swap and facial expressions:
• Sits for FM and FF: 12 in 2 menus
• Sits for FFM, MMF, FFF: 12 in 3 menus
• Sits for 4somes: 13 in 4 menus
• Sits for 6somes: 9 in 4 menus
• Couple FM poses: 55 in 9 menus including teasing and cum facial poses,
• Couple FF poses: 32 in 5 menus including rezzable dildo,
• 3some MMF poses: 18 in 2 menu including cum facial pose,
• 3some FFM poses: 18 in 2 menu including cum facial pose,
• 3some FFF poses: 18 in 2 menu including rezzable dildo,
• 3some MBF poses: 9 in 1 menu,
• 4some MFMF poses: 18 in 2 menu including cum facial pose,
• 4some MFFM poses: 9 in 1 menu including cum facial pose,
• 4some MMMF poses: 9 in 1 menu including cum facial poses,
• 4some FFFM poses: 8 in 1 menu including cum facial pose,
• 4some FFFF poses: 9 in 1 menu including cum facial pose,
• 6some MFMFMF poses: 9 in 1 menu including cum facial pose,
• 6some MMMMFF poses: 9 in 1 menu including cum facial pose,
• 6some MMFFFF poses: 9 in 1 menu including cum facial pose,
• 6some FFFFFF poses: 5 in 1 menu,
• 6some GANG-BANG poses: 6 in 1 menu including cum facial poses
Balls have simple colors based on actor gender and floating text showing gender use and pose number (ex: M1, F2). All animations are looped and made to run
together, with smooth ease in and out.
Swap option is always present and smart seated to switch players of same sex (ex: switch males only in a MMF pose or males with males and females with
females in a MFMF pose).
Facial expressions are always available for a more realistic play.
Both Xcite compatibility and Facial Expressions can be turned off from Option menu.
• Couch is MOD / no copy / TRANSFER
• Animations are no mod / no copy / TRANSFER
• Scripts are no mod / no copy / TRANSFER
• Notecard are partially MOD / no copy / TRASFER
[Strongly not suggested any changes on textures because of the scripted changer!]
Build was made by Bellejour Shinn
All animations were made by me, Alina Graf

So all that work, quality, constant update and upgrade, unique high class design and versatility for just fragment of price of that, ot top of my article mentioned XNX orgy bed.

Im sorry if this review was to long and hard to read but i just have to show and point to some quality hard working creators in SL that should be your first choice in furniture shopping. Its gain for bout, person that sales and person that buys, production got they hard work rewarded and keeping them in business while you as consumer getting best made high quality original up to date product with impeccable design and customer care. After all we just trying to make SL better and more pleasure place for us all.

Thank you for reading my blog.



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