Spin the Bottle Game

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jenni Eales

- The PAINTOY Factory

Sad true is u cant be sexually active 24/7. I know i try it lol Or u just need to find some way to relax people that just meet in ur club or private party and move conversation to something more provocative and sexual? Well if answer is yes Jenni Eales from The PAINTOY Factory store got answer for you. Spin the Bottle Game is amazingly fun, easy and provocative in same time. And she sure fill it some great features, animation and items that game will rezz. Here are some technical features:

Scripted Game for 2-6 players

- Xcite! compatible

- single and couple poses

- many sexy tasks!!

- reworked appearance

- choose from 11 texture sets

- prim count: 7

Low prims and great performance will make this, Spin the Bottle Game made by The PAINTOY Factory, favorite game on your public sim or private parties. Easy to fit and blend in any space with texture changer is "must have" item for all party loving people and adult club owners. If you dont have clue how to get traffic or your sim is empty at the moment just make group notice and start the game, it will do the trick. Fair price and good customer service is benefit too.

Looking forward to see new projects form this expanding store and creators.

URL for market place and in world store is below



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