Sex Beach Bamboo Mat v2

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Quentin Calvert

- Jester Designs

Second life is huge place and you can always wonder. Even when you sure there is nothing new to see you will be surprised what awaits you behind next corner. And i like to wonder from time to time, on my bike on SL highways or just clicking on different items on new discovered sims and go where luck and teleport leads me. Thats how i end up in Jester Designs, store owned by Quentin Calvert. Memories came out when i was looking for first animated bookshelf for my castle hitting store by store in storm, and somehow along the way i completely forgot about his fine place. Quentin was there to, so we start to talk. This is what he said to me that makes me say: ok i need to put this guys work in my blog. "I guess my philosophy is that I still get a sense of pride and enjoyment when someone buys something and tells me they enjoy it". More then well said. We are surrounded and outnumbered in SL with places that chaise just fast profit, way to pay rent, and take money out of the game. No pleasure and pride, no hard working man from Merle Haggards and Johnny Cash songs, that stands high behind his work, all that we see in so many places is just charge them double, suck them dry take the money and run. So no wonder that when i see difference and bright example i get all sentimental. But lets go back to review and numbers:

Excellent beach mats and towels with great solo, cuddle and sex animations. Comes in 7 patterns but you can easily re-texture to your own taste with just 2 prims land impact.

314 animations ~ 163 positions in easy to use menu

Menu is an updated version of our other popular products, and includes positions for all tastes and preferences. Check out the demo in store!

Simplicity, functionality, high quality, versatility, excellent customer support with unbeatable low price. With free updates and upgrades all consumers. Dont have anything else to add to it or ask for it. Just awesome furniture at awesome prices. I have rule that i dont name exact price in my reviews, so i will just say that Sex Beach Bamboo Mat v2 is way under 500 lindens and you need to see it to believe it. I guess that each day is sale off day in Jester Designs and they been here since 2006. URL for market place store and in world store are under the text so fell free to go surprise your self just like i did ;)



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