Luna Animations - LA JAZZ 2 MultiPole v1.171 (copy)

'LA JAZZ 2 MultiPole v1.171 (copy)'

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jennifer Brennon

- Luna Animations

Summer is definitely gone. I got so many questions about dancing poles and devices from people that opening new clubs in SL now when all are back and all is crowded. And that give me inspiration for todays review. In my knowledge there is only one dancing pole that will cover all; single female, two female and 3 female dances and single, two man and 3 man dances at same time. Its made by Jennifer Brennon owner of Luna Animations. This is what she says about 'LA JAZZ 2 MultiPole v1.171 (copy)'

Powered by the revolutionary Jazz 2 Sex Engine, this Pole puts all others to shame. Packed with over 90 high quality mocap and hand crafted animations you will always have the right animation for whatever mood or kink strikes your fancy.
Features Include:
• Revolutionary new "One Button" system for adding animations
• Powerful features system allows you to create effects never seen before
• Completely editable system allows you to
- Redefine Menus
- Change Button Names
- Edit Duration
- Change Styles of play
- Add/Remove Sounds
• Innovative transition system
• Dynamic pose-ball adjustment, adapts to changes in number of users automatically
• Revamped scripts speed loading times and reduce lag more than ever before
• Streamlined scripts use half the number of scripts of the Jazz 1.0 Engine
• Intuitive menu system
• Upgradeable can hold thousands of animations
• Manager control allows for open play or group only modes
• Rock solid script stability, user settings not lost on reset
• Easy menu configure system
• Individual controls for female/male sounds
• Facial animations

As you can see options of this high quality precision made device are huge. Jennifer Brennon is well know and established name in SL animation world so 'LA JAZZ 2 MultiPole v1.171 (copy)' is just proudly continuing tradition of her good work and exquisite animating process.

Fair in price and copy to, its ideal for public clubs same as for private home parties, where 'LA JAZZ 2 MultiPole v1.171 (copy)' will ensure you and your guests hours of sensual adult entertainment and fun.

I have to add that knowing Jennifer Brennon personally making me sure in her customer service, and i was in her company so many times when she was providing all answers and informations to buyers of her fine products.

Luna Animations is serious store with serious product and serious quality, so please take URL form bottom and visit market place or her in world store.



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