Smooching Serpents ScareCrow

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


* * * P R O M O * * *

I guess i develop telepathic powers that i was not a wear of. I was talking with my friends and with out no reason i fell need to im Eve Light owner of  SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture. So i did and to my surprise she told me that she is about to release new item on market, Smooching Serpents ScareCrow. The way i am, always wanna to keep you my readers informed about latest and best furniture in SL, i did take me one and set review for you. This is the info creator gave me about it and the way she introduced it to me:

"lots of animations, texture changer, and and and... and dead cheap... first in a series of low price dungeon equipment in-full and extensive Smooching Serpent quality  :-)"

Technical features:

- lots of high quality bondage animations

- rezzes ropes & gives cuffs

- no pose-balls

- nice cage to store your slave

- great design with texture change

- RLV force sit & restrictions menu

- copy permissions (rezz as many as you like!)

- free lifetime updates, this toy will never be outdated...

- 9 prims land impact

Again i was amazed by quality, skill in making and creativity by Eve Light. I cant compare this Smooching Serpents ScareCrow with any other product that i know on market. Its unique in idea, design and rp value. And all that in really amazing low price, lets just say that 500 lindens is enough for this fine "top shelf" hight quality product thats sets new standards in BDSM equipment furniture world.

Please take few minutes and visit SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store in world or market place and look at it for your self. I have no doubt that you will find it interesting and fantasy stimulating like i did.



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