*DD* Lover's Raft 3

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ray Zymurgy

- Digital Dream Furniture

Summer might be soon gone in real life but in second life we always can enjoy sun and tropical paradise. To help us with that Ray Zymurgy owner of Digital Dream Furniture released new *DD* Lover's Raft 3. Before i go in technical details and review this fine piece of rp adult furniture, i will take moment to remind all what kinda fine customer service Ray and his team got in Digital Dreams store. Constantly coming up with new ideas for his fine products and keeping price even more low for all that are in Digital Dream group. Now lets do some numbers: 100% mesh with land impact of just 4 prims place this raft on top line product by all current market standards. But quality mesh and low prim is not all that *DD* Lover's Raft 3 got to offer. In xcite/sensations menu is over 350 high quality chosen animations for your pleasure and rp from your dreams that u can do one by one or in 20 play scenes that gives you even more hands free time for rp or what ever you wanna do with your hands in that point of time.... Ideal for swamp, lake, tropical tiki environment, both on public or private sims *DD* Lover's Raft 3 is smart choice for yours and partner of your choice seductive and erotic moments of pleasure in second life. If you add great design, superb animations, low prim and price with Digital Dream customer care, this new raft is right choice and best buy quality item of adult furniture for any "by the water" rp enthusiast in SL. To buy product at group prices purchase need to be made in world.



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