Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate


~all beds are 2500L$ plus after you buy one you get gift card worth 2500L$~

*** available in world store only from Friday February 28. till Friday March 7. 11:59 pm SLT ***

Kacey Pomegranate, owner and creator of X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS store, is making irresistible offers again; all her beds, 5000L$ ones, 8000L$ ones and even the most expensive and the best 25000L$ bed are down to 2500L$ for the next week!!!! And thats not all. After u make your purchase and spend that 2500L$ on any bed of your choice for yourself or as a gift for someone else, you will receive a gift card from X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS store with the exact amount that you spent for that bed, and that is 2500L$. To make long story short, offer is: EVERY BED 2,500L$ plus FREE 2,500L$ Gift Card.

X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS store is a well known and established brand in SL, and i have reviewed many of their fine products in the past. Quality is high, and with this offer you can choose any design, shape, style, color or anything else, because all beds are the same in price, 2500L$. After you are done with that shopping, by 12 noon SLT the following day you will receive X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS gift card for 2500L$ that you can spend on a rug, chair, couch, car, gazebo or what ever you like or think will go well with your newly purchased discounted bed.

I only can say that i wish to have more offers like this on my blog for you my readers.

~all beds are 2500L$ plus after you buy one you get gift card worth 2500L$~

*** available in world store only from Friday February 28. till Friday March 7. 11:59 pm SLT ***

Link for direct teleport in the X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS in world  store:


Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

Maximus Chrome owner and creator of Scorpio13 Designs is definitely back in the game and he is hitting market strong with new updated and upgraded products of extraordinary quality and amazing low prices. Today i present to you his new SC13-Naughty-Park-Bench-V2.

For opening of review lets hear what Maximus Chrome, creator, have to say about his new release SC13-Naughty-Park-Bench-V2:

"Dear SL-Penthouse Forum,

It was a day like any other day. I went and sat on the park bench, watching the pigeons feed as I typically did every evening. There was a pretty young woman sitting next to me, her eyes fixed on her book. I roamed my eyes over her body for a moment, kind of losing myself. As my gaze rose up from her breasts, I suddenly became a bit embarrassed as I saw her looking at me. I grinned awkwardly, but then she cast a devious smile at me. The park was surprisingly empty and that was probably a good thing as she began to unzip my pants and pull my aching hard cock from inside. She said nothing but leaned over and began sucking my cock like a starved hooker. What continued was probably the hottest sucking and fucking I have ever experienced in my life, but surprisingly, during the whole ordeal, I just kept thinking....damn this is a nice bench.

A reboot of an old favorite, this beautifully textured, neutral themed bench renders quality, design, and naughtiness in a single simplistic package. Perfect for parks, urban areas or any number of places, this piece is sure to meet all of your get down and dirty public fetish needs.

3 Land Impact and super hoooottttttt!!! Come try it out in our storefront."

I was keeping his SC13-Naughty-Park-Bench-V1 for long time on my porch, and it did serve me good and well. But times are changing, and form old v1 8 prims land impact we are now down to 3 in even better looking 100% mesh design.

AVsitter™2.0 is system that makes this new SC13-Naughty-Park-Bench-V2 run smooth and flawless in user friendly menu, divided on solo, cuddles and get nasty sub menus. Animations are great, fps rich and selected to provide you, as user, maximum animated RP stimulation and pleasure.

Unbelievable low price of just 400L$ make tis high quality product in category of my weekly best budget buy series of articles, top remarkable quality for low price item. With this purchase you just cant go wrong.

With my recommendation i advise you all my dear readers to look for this SC13-Naughty-Park-Bench-V2 and other fine Scorpio13 Designs products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




DIGS - Clayworth Snuggler Chair Adult [MESH]

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Iris Maskelyne

- DIGS - Furniture & Prefabs

This time Iris Maskelyne, owner and creator of DIGS - Furniture & Prefabs store is going back to her roots, making high class great looking sophisticated furniture.


* Contemporary yet classic design.
* Very versatile.
* 100% mesh.
* 4 prims land impact
* Large chair seats two avatars.
* Contains cuddles, kisses and adult poses, as well as singles and activities.
* No poseballs! Just right-click and sit. Positions are all adjustable and stored for each avatar.
* Available in PG and adult version, in 3 different color

What can i say, its just great chair fo all uses except BDSM. Covering all from daily activities, like lap top use, coffee drinking etc with rezzing props, unisex sitting and laying animations, male and female sitting, cuddles to hard adult xxx sex, all is in there.

Latest market demands, 100% mesh, low prim, AVsitter system are standard in all newest DIGS - Furniture & Prefabs so its same with this fine DIGS - Clayworth Snuggler Chair Adult [MESH]. Indisputable great design and copy options will make this fine chair perfect option for all public club owners that looking for low prim exquisite designed sitting and sex furniture for they clubs or public sex sims, with low lag scripts and perfect smooth performances. But dont worry this chair will fell at home in your SL private residence to. Like decorative and in same time like top functional animated product.

All animations are, same like design, in top quality, chosen to provide smoothest and flawless animated support to all your RP scenarios, Pg or adult this new DIGS - Clayworth Snuggler Chair Adult [MESH] will not disappoint you or let you down.

All that is available for under 1000L$ on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




Xplicit Vanity Table (T)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jodi Morane


After articles about  Jodi Morane's furniture that was made exclusive for Sexxx Sales Expo i did receive many requests from you, my dear readers, to make more reviews about  XPLICIT FURNISHINGS sex furniture fine products. Also, you asking me, specially photographers and porn producers, to make more reviews about premium looking high class furniture, so today i will kill two flies with one blow and present to you new Xplicit Vanity Table (T).

At the beginning few words from creator, Jodi Morane:

"Xplicit Vanity Table will suit any bedroom. This classical design is highly detailed and the menu compliments it perfectly. The fluid high quality animations match the standards set by the appearance.

150 Animations
5 Love scenes
Texture changer
Props attached to av via menu
Free gifts of decorative accessories
Touch the lamp on/off
Touch the drawer in/out
Drag your own picture to the photo frame

A Vanity Table with licked stool (8 prims LI)
A touch on/off functioning lamp (2 Prims LI)
A photo frame that you can drag your picture to (1 prim LI)
A vase of a dozen red roses (3 prims LI)
An assortment bottles and makeup ( 3 prims)

These unlinked items are to allow you to mix and match.

MENU includes-
13 Solo animations : hair styling, nail polishing, makeup application, moisturizing, masturbating
Couple's menu: polishing nails, brushing hair, hugging, kissing, petting, orals, and sex

HOW TO USE: Touch and sit on the stool, the menu comes up automatically. If you close it, just retouch it to get the menu again.
The first sitter should be the female. If not, then use the swap button in the menu.

CHANGING TEXTURES: This is accessible to all whilst seated via the texture menu.

ADJUSTING POSITIONS: The table will remember individual settings for individual positions.

Both sitters will have menus and can change the poses at any time.

PROPS: Props will be attached to your AV. Please say yes when the pop up message asks for permission to animate your av. Props WILL NOT not be copied into you inventory.
Come demo this inworld to experience all this for yourself.
Xplicit Customer Care
Customer satisfaction is our primary concern. If you experience any difficulties at all please contact us directly via IM or visit us in-person at our Main Store."

First what impressed me on this new Xplicit Vanity Table (T) is high class design and impeccable textures. Table looks amazing, when u rez it for first time all additional decorations will be on it, but if you need to save prims or you wanna rearrange it simple move them where you like or take them back in your inventory. Build in texture changer will make the new Xplicit Vanity Table (T) blend in perfectly in any space where you wanna keep and use it like its custom build for it, so with this fine product form Jodi Morane you not only buying highly functional sex device but also decorative item that will additionally enrich any indoor space of your choice.    

Following latest demands of adult SL furniture market in Jodi Morane's new product Xplicit Vanity Table (T) that is 100% mesh you will find AVsitter™2.0 system driven menu, easy to use, divided in following sub menus; solo, pamper, foreplay, orals taken, xxstool, satisfy, astride and standx plus button for texture changer.

All animations used in this fine product are well made and premium quality, long duration time, smoothness and rich fps (frames per second) count will ensure your RP time on this Xplicit Vanity Table (T) to be lustful and passionate experience.

There are two additional things that i like to emphasize here; first i think this new table will be ideal for any "daddy dom" RP enthusiast because of pamper sub menu. Second, it will be well excepted by people who like to "play" on voice in SL because many sub menus you can play as scene and that is giving you plenty of "hands free" time with amazing visual stimulation.

Also in my opinion price for this new fine Xplicit Vanity Table (T) with just bit over 1000L$ is really fair and more then acceptable considering all what this table can do and how its perform.

With all that said i can only recommend you this Xplicit Vanity Table (T) and other fine XPLICIT FURNISHINGS sex furniture products that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




SA Wall Cuffs Sex

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Selina Anatra

- Selina Anatra Designs

We didnt have anything form Selina Anatra Designs store on my blog. Only reason for that is Selina's was working hard updating her products and making some new stuff. So today for your reading pleasure only we have new SA Wall Cuffs, available in two versions; basic (just RLV functions and poses) and sex (RLV function and poses + sex animations).

This is how creator, Selina Anatra, describes it:

Wall Cuff Restraint device to keep you or your pets where they should be.

Fully RLV compatible, so they cannot get away. As as Xcite and Sensations compatible (hit bondage kink on xcite)

You get 3 versions. One with a Back plate, One without the Backplate and One for suspended AV's. That way you can match to any decor.

Each includes 2 solo and 6 sex poses (except the suspended, which is solo only)

In the sea of similar designs and devices why did i decide to review and recommend this one form Selina Anatra Designs store? Simple, because its hand made, original item, with many options and latest solutions for RLV like tango strip compatibility.

Selina Anatra is well known by giving so much in her purchase boxes and same case is with her new SA Wall Cuffs Sex product. 3 different back plate, texture changer is out and that reduces lag, giving u options to blend this new fine product in any interior by your choosing easy and simple, like its custom build for it. Traditional dungeon, modern concrete, wood, it will fit and match in all.

Since im making review about sex animated version of this new SA Wall Cuffs Sex product i have to mention that animations are superb, well done and flawless. RLV is working impeccable and i specially did like option tango strip compatibility that aloes you to strip your subs tango layers off. That function requires Tango Strip scripts, SA Tango Strip Expansion 1.4 that you can find in Selina Anatra Designs store or SL market place for 95L$ on this link:


Well build, good scripted, with user friendly menu, huge directions for use of RLV menu for bondage novices, and more then fair price i will strongly suggest all bondage, restrains and D/S enthusiasts to try this fine SA Wall Cuffs Sex product that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:





Smooching Serpents Bamboo Prism

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


Eve Light owner and creator of SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniturestore continues with her low price series of high quality low prim bondage furniture with new Smooching Serpents Bamboo Prism.




Sex like Art.

- 100% Mesh, high LOD!

- high quality BDSM animations (solo and couples)

- rope bondage/ suspension/ shibari

- gives rope harness and a strapon

- rezzes beautiful ropes (lockguard compatible)

- RLV force sit and lots of restrictions!

If you need support, please contact Cerowain Ceawlin. He will be happy to help :-)"

Im working with SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store and  Eve Light creations since opening of my blog, and there are few things that i can say for all her furniture, its just looking so f***ing good. Design is always awesome and realistic, textures amazing, and no matter how much is price on some item, 699L$ like on this one or 5000L$ like on some top quality big Smooching Serpents beds only difference that you will notice will be the number of animations in side furniture. Build quality, details and precision in making and performing will always be the same on highest level possible.

Menu is easy to use, with RLV function, cowering all from solo to couple bondage and sex animations. No matter if you are BDSM SL life styler or just enthusiast you will have no need for any learning or adjusting period to use this new fine Smooching Serpents Bamboo Prism to the fullest.

Animations are rich, with long overlap time, providing exactly what any bondage lover likes to see in best way possible. All transitions are smooth, and working impeccable.

So far i tested so many items from SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store and i did NEVER find any mistake or glitch in any of them. But if you ever find one, need any explanation or have any question regarding SMOOCHING SERPENTS fine products whole team of people on head with Cerowain Ceawlin is on stand by to provide you assistance and answer all your questions.

Dont know what else to say except keep up with good work and even better prices Eve Light :)

With my recommendation you can find this dirt cheep but awesome Smooching Serpents Bamboo Prism and other fine SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




BN inc. - Oily Paddle Pool

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Leffe Levenque

- BN inc. (Batteries not included) store


Leffe Levenque creator and owner of BN inc. (Batteries not included) store presenting her brand new just released product available only on Suicide Dolls Event, BN inc. - Oily Paddle Pool. After event ends, March 7. it will be available on SL market place and in BN inc. (Batteries not included) in world store.

Lets open review with few words from creator Leffe Levenque and see how she describes it:

"This slippery and fun paddle pool comes in 8 detailed wet or dry textures, which you can change with the menu as an owner.
The rezzed props will automatically adapt to the pool's texture.
When needed, pretty mesh toys can be requested that match the more than 150 solo, straight, lesbian and 3-way actions.

Free oily skin from PARADISIS is included to add some realism to your fun.

The amount of animated oil in the pool can also be adjusted to your personal liking's.
Oil, paddlepool and props are materials ready
To see materials, enable advanced lightning model and local lights in the graphic settings.

This item has been created for average human sized avatars.
I left the pool mod in case you have a very tall or very small avatar and wants to match the pool size to your size.
Note that in your inventory it will show as no-mod as it contains a number of no-mod scripts. The actual pool will always be mod.

Animations have been carefully aligned, but due to the great variety in avatar size and shapes, it is still possible adjustments are needed.
This can be done by using an intuitive menu."

Things that attracted me to this new BN inc. - Oily Paddle Pool are low prim great design with just 3 prims land impact.

Content of purchase box; its filled with high quality oil layers so in this case you not only getting piece of furniture but also full set of copy oil layers in all layers possible except tattoo one.

Ten different colors that you can choose form texture changer and blend this fine new exclusive released BN inc. - Oily Paddle Pool product in any environment that you wanna use it with ease.

Menu is user friendly, MLPV system, and first sub menu that you will see will be for level of oil in pool that goes from empty to 5cm higher and higher until full oil pool option. other sub menus are for solo, mf, ff, mff, mmf and fff.

Animations are really well chosen, in high quality, smooth and with out any glitches. Excellent to provide you animated support for your erotic oil including fantasies RP.

Well made and fair priced, i will even dare to say unique new BN inc. - Oily Paddle Pool product that i can recommend and advise you to go and try it for your self on links under the text:




SC13 Parker Collection

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Maximus Chrome

- Scorpio13 Designs

Maximus Chrome owner and creator of Scorpio13 Designs store is coming out with new SC13 Parker Collection, great looking, modern by design and technical features. High class and high performance in the best form and shape.

First lets hear few opening words form creator of this new collection, Maximus Chrome:

"Parker was a busy man. Rich, young, attractive...he was definitely the epitome of the bachelor playboy. However, when you get that much ass, you have got to have furniture that can withstand it. That is where the Parker collection comes in.Urban, modern, gorgeous and easy to clean, this sofa and chair set comes equipped with multiple textures (HUD Controlled), an engine powered by AV Sitter 2, so no annoying pose balls, and the hottest quality animations to enhance your virtual experience so that you just literally explode all over yourself, hehe, singles, couples, threesomes, male, female, galore!! This collection is super sleek and low prim. Don't believe me? Come see for yourself in our shop!!

Land Impact:
Parker Chair Right - 6
Parker Chair Left - 6
Parker Table - 5
Parker Sofa - 8

25 prims land impact total."

Biggest advantage that i see in this set is that from 4 pieces of furniture that you getting in that rez box 3 are having full sex menu. Only table is actually just decoration, and im saying just on purpose because new released SC13 Parker Collection is decorative by it self, each piece is carefully crafted, with many details and textured to perfection.

Following latest trends and demands in SL adult furniture building Maximus Chrome is using AVsitter™2.0 no pose balls system for this new SC13 Parker Collection set, Texture changer is build in to so can be sure that this collection will be blending in any indoor space that you wanna use it with just few clicks of the button.

All animations used in this fine work of art are carefully picked and selected to provide you smooth animated transition for your RP needs in best fps (frames per second) resolution available. And here i dont just apply to sexual animations, furniture have all from solo sits, cuddles, to hard core sub menus, easy to use and working impeccably.

With my strong recommendation you can find this fair priced well build new SC13 Parker Collection on SL market place or in world on links under the text:



Chalet by Abiss - mature package

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa

- Abiss Interior Design

I have to admit that i was fully unaware popularity of Abiss Interior Design store and they furnished houses and sky boxes. Since i start to work with Frasha Boa, owner and creator of Abiss Interior Design store,  i did get requests for chalet ans similar items that i was presuming they are furniture. And that was my mistake. You where requesting premium made and fully exclusively furnished houses. So im about to fix that mistake now, and im starting series with Abiss Interior Design homes that comes with adult animated furniture or have preset adult function, like dungeons etc. In same time ill be free to ask you for feed back please, tell me what you think about that idea and what houses would u like to see reviewed. Thank you!

First to open, what i hope it will be brand new series of weekly articles, will be Chalet by Abiss - mature package sky box/land house.It was most requested, not to big so i hope it will be good opening.

Technical details and description by creator Frasha Boa:

"This version contains both PG and Adult animations

Chalet package contains:

1. Skybox/house structure with mod and copy permissions ( 2 rezzers - one with shadows for furniture, one without those shadows)
2. One sofa (mod/transfer)- "Polymatic" with pg and adult animations
3. One bed (mod/transfer) - "Wave" with pg and adult animations

* Chalet is available in 2 version - PG or Mature ( difference is only in animations, number of animations and maturity rating.
Structure facts:

94 prims with furniture included
100% mesh structure
Day/Night texture change option
Panoramic image control - different presets for both day and night
Snow falling feature - on/off
2 rezzers inside package - one fully shaded textures as displayed at demo location and second one without shadows from furniture fireplace and plant
Rez-Faux system- easiest possible
High detailed textures
Catchy looks
Lighting fixtures and lamps are linked with structure and should not be removed


Footprint: 30 x 30 m

Minimum parcel size required: 1024 sq. meters **

Prims: 94 (71 without furniture)


Q: Can this skybox fit 512m parcel?
a: Yes, however its not advised. You can rezz it somewhere else, then scale it down. Pick up and rezz directly from inventory as group. Furniture must stay same size, or else all the poses and animations would need readjusting (which takes ages to do)
Q: Can I remove panoramic images?
a: Yes you can, it is separate object and can be removed without a problem.
Q: How to add my own image/texture as background?
a: Select "Panorama Image Controller" and drag texture you wish to add in its contents ( you`ll see existing images inside), no script changes needed.
Q: Can I lock doors?
a: No you cant, use some 3rd party security system if you really think you need it.
Q: Can I combine 2 skyboxes and make them one large?
a: Its not intended by default, but yes. Rezz one, select all if its objects (5 objects total), shift-drag with move tool and rotate it 180 degrees. Then you can align two of them if you are careful. (one entrance door will be excessive)
Q: Can I add poses to bed / sofa?
a: Yes, consult http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/MLPV2
Q: Can I add/remove certain prims?
a: Yes, however, day/ night texture switch might misbehave. Better resize and conceal prims instead. Avoid unlinking.
Q: Can I remove shadows/illumination effect from lamps?
a: No, physical illumination accuracy was out goal and entire structure has pre-baked illumination to achieve displayed effects.

Rezzing instructions:

When you get package, inside are 2 different skybox-structure versions (names are self explanatory)
Rezz the rezzer box of preferred package. Look on its top. You'll see layout relative to rezzer box orientation, and marked location of rezzer box relative to structure. Choose rezz and structure will come out. Position as you please. Save and delete rezzer box when satisfied.

Additional Info:
*Contains rezzer powered by *Rez-Faux scripts
* Prim renaming and un-linking is not recommended since day/night texture switch works via linkset to reduce lag. (However if you are skilled enough, by all means go ahead. (just make sure controller is not root)
* The Chalet by Abiss is 100% mesh building therefore you'll need a mesh viewer to see it. Viewer settings higher LOD factor is mandatory, however house is tested with standard settings and visually appears correctly.
* Structure is being sold as displayed at demo location
* Inside of building is set to full bright for best visual experience.
* Outside of building is also set to full bright. You can tweak it individually due to mod permissions on structure.

* Please be advised to check the prim count on your parcel prior to purchase, some parcels might have less prims available than others.

* Baked textures- shadows aren't on separated prims

* Prefab editing isn't recommended, however if you really feel like editing the skybox just rez another copy if you're not happy with result.
Entire structure is mod/copy so you can always rez another copy in case you made an accidental mistake."

I hope that was detailed enough lol.

The way i see it its just furnished enough not to be empty and leaves plenty of room for personal touch and decorations. From designer side all is impeccable, textures are stretched just perfect, no overlapping, all is exactly where it should be. Additional options, like day and night, sky, etc just adding to value and making this Chalet by Abiss - mature package truly exquisite choice recognizable and unique among all other similar products on the market, they cant really compare. It will be like you trying to find advantages of VW over Mercedes. Result is VW is cheaper, but we all know why and no one needs explanation for that.

One sofa (mod/transfer)- "Polymatic" with pg and adult animations
and one bed (mod/transfer) - "Wave" with pg and adult animations that comes in this purchase box are in high quality and easy to use menu with premium animations, and they are more then sufficient enough to cover all basic and essential animated needs of average SL user if not even more. So i recommend them and i also emphasizing again there is enough room to add furniture for individual kinks or needs, like BDSM, and similar.

For home or small club, in high class design, Chalet by Abiss - mature package is by no doubt way to go. You can come and see it, and try it out on links under the text:




[AF] Wild Chair - transfer

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sin Mikado

- Abandoned Freight Main Store


Sin Mikado is not only working hard and creating great new furniture for us to enjoy but he is going one step further, making discount promo offer for you my dear readers. So for next 7 days this fine new [AF] Wild Chair - transfer will be discounted on SL market place from 1200L$ to 999L$. No groups, no note cards no questions asked.

This si how creator, Sin Mikado, describes it:

"Abandoned Freight's

Wild Chair

INTRO PRICE! Normal Price: L$1200

Our new chair featuring exotic animal fur textures along with wooden frame that can be tinted to suit your setting.

- 4 LI Mesh Design

- 12 Textured setups

- 146 High Quality Animations

- Single Sits & Masturbation

- Couples Romantic Teasing and Erotic

- Lap Dance, Cum shots, 3 Playable Sequences

- Select your choice of texture and modify Faces to your liking of color/tint

With just 4 prims land impact and texture changer this chair by it self its amazing. Prim saving, and easy to fit and blend in any environment that you wanna use it. But thats just beginning of what this new fine [AF] Wild Chair - transfer has to offer.

MLPV menu, super easy to use, divided in sub menus for: sits, romance, teaser, suck his, taste her, riding it, becoming, passion and climax is covering all from friendly animated and romance PG RP needs to serious hard core sex.

All animations used in this fine new product are top quality, chosen to provide you smooth and flawless RP animated experience filled with passion, lust and pleasure. No free ones or something that will vanish when LL will do next inventory reset.

If you add to all that amazing discount and week long chance to get that great [AF] Wild Chair - transfer under 1000L$ i dont know what else you waiting for. Hit that SL market place link under the text and get your own copy while its still on promo.





 AT Longhorn

 Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Adira Aeon

- Anima Temptation store

Second item reviewed on my blog from Anima Temptation store by Adira Aeon. I will say that i did have many of im's from you my dear readers asking me about custom animated whips. Since this was not my strongest side im glad that i finally did find some quality product in that range that i can recommend with out fear.

Some technical infos from creator Adira Aeon:

This whip has a huge selection of different animations. So you can be sure to hit your victim however it is positioned.
And yes, the funny handle is not just for show: Flip the whip around in your hand and use the handle on your victim as well :-).

The whip is no copy, modify and transfer.

Touch the whip to bring up:
The Menu:

- Whip:
brings you to the menu with the whipping animations.
It has two pages with the buttons to activate the animations and also buttons that brings you back to the main menu and directly to the fuck menu.

- Fuck:
leads to the menu with the fucking animations.
(the whip will turn automatically around in your hand when you press this button.)
The fucking animations will continue to play, until you switch to another animation or press the stop button.
You can even use the handle on yourself, and I am sorry that this is not really suited for males and shemales ;-).
- Aim:
here you can aim the whip at a nearby person. This will switch on the Xcite! compatibility of the whip and affects the Xcite! genitals of your victim.
The whip will affect yourself too.

- Options:
opens the options menu.
If you are tiered of whips that do the talking for you, here you can mute the chat text of the whip.
"Change  color" brings up the different coloring options, you can color individual parts of the whip or everything at once.

In case you want to rename your Longhorn, you need to rezz it on the ground, edit it and change the name in the edit window.
(I know it says "no modify" in your inventory, but that is only because the scripts inside are no mod.)

So all Bdsm enthusiasts dont waist any daylight. Also, subs and slaves if you are looking for ideal gift/present for your owner this might be exactly it.

Well made, and quality in use are guarantied.

Animations used in AT Longhorn are top quality, fps rich giving you pleasure and top support for your RP story.

This quality AT Longhorn whip and other fine products from Anima Temptation store you can find on links under the text:


Swimming Pool Infinity Ko Samui (adult)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Harry Quijote

- Harry's Outdoor & Living

After my last month review and first presentation of Harry's Outdoor & Living store on my blog you send me so many messages and request for more reviews of his fine products. Thats also showing that Harry Quijote work and creations are well known and appreciated by SL adult furniture users. So today, for your reading pleasure only, i'll be reviewing Swimming Pool Infinity Ko Samui (adult).

At the beginning, like always few opening words and technical details form creator Harry Quijote:

"Swimming Pool Infinity Ko Samui Set (Adult)
features and instructions

Total Prims:
57 prim Swimming Pool
4 prim (13 PE) Mesh Loungers
2 prim Coffee table
8 prim candle set

size: 16.25 x 12 meters


This swimming pool is not an ordinary pool. Hereby the list of the tons of features included in this magnificent design.

- Medium sized swimming pool, of course :)
- Control the Pool candle lights by touching the "L" button near the steps
- Depth leveler. Need to get rid of your linden water floating in your pool, or can't dig deep enough to have your pool fit perfectly? You need to raise the floor for this but don't want to mess with the prims? simply use the little white button near the steps. (owner only)
- 2 pool towels with 4 animations inside in each. (poses can be adjusted through the menu)
- Animated diving board. (sit on de board to make the dive)
- Sun tan animation in the air mattress

- Swim huds for you and your guests
- Touch the blue Hud Giver near the pool steps, to receive your free swimmer hud
- Wear the hud to swim around the pool
- You can switch it on/off and adjust the swim height to match your avatar
- Make sure your ao is switched off!
- The hud will only work in Harry's Outdoor & Living animated swimming pools

- Rezzable Sun loungers
- Mesh design
- Texture changing through same menu as the pool
- 4 animations inside (poses can be adjusted through the menu)
- Coffee table
- Candles can be switched on/off

STYLE TEXTURE CHANGER. This swimming pool comes with a mix and match texture system to match your own style. You can access the menu by touching the red button under the vases. The same menu lets you modify the loungers and coffee table as well Choose between:
- 8 Deck styles
- 9 Wicker Mattress (also for loungers and coffee table)
- 8 Wood Pillar styles
- 14 Towel styles (also for loungers)
- 9 Water styles
- 11 Granite styles
* Set access control to ALL, GROUP or OWNER only, owner only by default.
* After setup choose to remove the setup scripts from the menu.

This pool is seriously stuffed with high quality animations.
- Diving board. Simply 'Sit' on the diving board and see yourself. Unique diving animation.
- 2 single towels with 4 animations inside (poses can be adjusted through the menu)
- 4 single shower animations in the stepping stone at the shower. menu control
- Sun tan animation in the air mattress
- Sun loungers have 4 animations inside (poses can be adjusted through the menu)

- Touch the Air mattress to activate the extensive couple animation menu with 111 high quality couple animations in it.

Our couple animations are scattered around carefully... in the pool, on the mattress, on the deck, on the diving board... etc.. lots a fun and only top quality animations used.
- 27 pg (cuddles, kisses)
- 45 sex (various styles)
- 10 3some (cuddles and trio sex mff and mmf)
- 14 Gay (cuddles and sex)
- 15 Lesbian (cuddles and sex)

- We use the professional Xpose engine to work with our animations. This means that all animations can be adjusted by the owner to fit for all size avatars very easily.
- !Xcite interaction compatibility. Wear your !Xcite gear.

Finally this pool is modifiable and Copy! This means you are free to edit the pool to your wishes and if you break something by accident, simply rezz a new pool from your inventory! (unlinking the scripted parts can make scripts stop working properly).

This pool uses only high quality textures carefully used and aligned. High quality scripts that are selected for its low lag capabilities.

Enjoy your pool fun!
Your designer,

Harry Quijote"

There is few things that i wanna emphasize when it comes to this fine product, Swimming Pool Infinity Ko Samui (adult).

First, by all means is quality design. that pool is just looking awesome. no other words to use. All textures are set perfect, all that you need is there, u can modify it, use build in texture changer, regulate height of water etc etc. After few minutes and clicks you have pool that is perfect for your hose, and blending in exterior like its custom order made just for it. All other extra items that comes in purchase box (Mesh Lounger, Coffee table, candle set) only add to high class and decorative function of this impeccable made Swimming Pool Infinity Ko Samui (adult).

When it comes to adult animated menu, is user friendly, in xpose system, giving you all from pg animations for solo genders, cuddles, to foreplay and hard core sex for straight, lesbian and gay couples and mmf/ffm 3some combinations are included to. All in premium made and carefully chosen animations that are smooth and flawless to provide you and your partners best animated RP support possible and make your use of this fine high quality product pleasurable and unforgettable experience to remember.

Since i dont wanna make this review to long and dry to read, and with all thats said above, i can strongly recommend this fine Swimming Pool Infinity Ko Samui (adult) product to all my readers and friends who are in search for great functional and beautifully made outdoor swimming pool.

You can find this and other fine Harry Quijote products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




[AA] Sex Coffin

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

I neglected my goth and bloodline readers, so they send me many im's requests on some adult furniture in that direction. Among top request was good animated coffin. Im always try to please my readers as much as it is in my power, cos this blog is for them and not for me and store owners, i did research, ask and look around and the best that i find and like was Alina animations [AA] Sex Coffin.

Lets hear first some description and technical details from creator Alina Graf:

"Animated coffin for your vampire RPG.

Custom made animations in 4 menu, sex oriented, for MF couples. Ready for both male or female vampire and their admirer.

• 34 MF couple poses in 4 menus. 68 custom animations
• For both male or female vampire and their admirers
• Plain sex and vampire feed animations
• 11 prim.
• 7 x 8 x 3 texture themes
• Xpose script engine, Xcite devices compliant
• Size: 3.26 x 1.16 x 0.82 mt.
• Mod and Copy permissions.
• Open/close lid

• Vamp MF: 8 poses
• Foreplay MF: 9 poses
• Orals MF: 8 poses
• Sex MF: 9 poses"

My personal reasons why i pick [AA] Sex Coffin are following:

* piece of bigger and consecutive church/goth collection

Coffin is just one of the product that Alina animations store offers for goth/bloodline RP customers. Yes it is essential and crucial piece, but beside coffin you can find confession booth, church bench and altar, all you need for full furnished and animated perfect RP scene and atmosphere. And if you have interest all of mentioned products will be reviewed later on blog so feed back will be appreciated.

* quality in design, build texture changer and additional options

With just 11 prims land impact this is one of "lightest" coffins on market atm. Fully customizable, texture changer for wood, inlay and metal handles make it easy to blend in any space that you wanna use it, plus additional feature of buying just engine, in invisible prim, that you can add in any coffin that you prefer and enjoy same top quality animations and performance of full version with design of or preference.

* Xpose script engine, Xcite devices compliant easy menu

One of my favorite Xcite systems is used for this fine product, proven, easy to use and operate, with intuitive menu that will provide each user maximum pleasure with minimum effort. And if you have Xcite genitals, penis rotation, excitement and all else will be working with it.

* indisputable top quality flawless animations

Like i did mention many times before, Alina Graf's years long tradition in animations making, skill and knowledge is showing in any of her product. Same is with this reviewed [AA] Sex Coffin. All animations are hand made by Aline and some are originally made for, and only can be find in this fine product. Flawless, smooth and impeccable they are crown jewels in this great creation by Alina Animations store.

* price

Under 1000L$ for all this quality, options and performance. Do i need to say more?

* additional church in 100% mesh low prim in 3 versions (pg, mature, and adult) with decorations build from BelleJour Shinn for Alina Graf's church edition adult furniture

Made in 100% mesh with just 29 prims land impact shows that Alina and Belle do not just share friendship and Libido sim, but also same quality in building and creating best for they customers. Im giving you picture of the church and link for all info and details on SL market place. Did i say that whole church in 3 versions with all decorations is just 560L$? ups i guess i just did now ;)


With all that said i hope that i did elaborate well my reasons for choosing this [AA] Sex Coffin in front any other in SL. So i will rest my case and strongly urge you and recommend to you my dear readers to check, look and try this [AA] Sex Coffin and other Alina Animations fine products on links under the text:




PrimPossible 1 Prim Infinite Bedroom

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ample Clarity

- PrimPossible 1 Prim Furniture Store

We didnt hear nothing from Ample Clarity owner and creator of PrimPossible 1 Prim Furniture Store in two month and here is reason why. He is back with new innovating and unique product, PrimPossible 1 Prim Infinite Bedroom, in top quality, design and naturally in just one prim ;)

Since whole system is completely new im gonna give space to creator, Ample Clarity, to give us some technical details and options at the beginning of the review:

▂ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ NEW! █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ▂
Introduced: Jan 24th, 2014
Brought to you by PrimPossible The most refined & full-featured one prim furniture in second life.
LOW LAG! .004-.006mms

There are over 10 unique bedroom designs in the menu. Some are complete bedrooms at 1 prim, some are just beds (at 1 prim).

Creating this bedroom has taken more than 2 years to complete, I am excited to share it with you! This bed is a culmination of my (second) life's work.

The menu of the infinite bedroom gets updated instantly through my server....every infinite bed in SL gets updates almost daily (when I add new designs or textures).

When people see this bedroom, they generally don't believe that the entire thing is made out of 1 prim. I've heard people say:
"You're joking right? I've only seen a 25 prim bed look this good...you're telling me that all of this is part of the same prim?!"
"This bedroom brings something new to SL!"
"Wait a second, let me look at it closer. **right click, edit** (Primitives:1) - No way!"
"There is no way that this bed is under 100 prims!" (I personally think that's a stretch lol)
"How did you texture this thing?!"


I did not compromise on quality just to fit everything on 1 prim. The mattress, pillows and blanket are rounded & organic-shaped (unlike most of the 1-5 prim bedrooms in SL which typically look like boxes--& literally are boxes). The 2 books are textured realistically, & the shadows are accurate & realistic.

If I separated each individual furniture piece into individual prims, each piece would be on par with some of the best multi-prim furniture creations.

300+ ANIMATIONS ($700,000L+)

No Poseballs! There are over 300 animations-Including couples affectionate animations, massage, kissing, motion capture intimate animations, lesbian, doggy, missionary, & much more.

****Over 700,000L Value In Animations****
(none of those dated freebie animations)

Couples Affectionate Animations
20+ Massage Animations
Couples Slow Dance
Motion Capture Intimate Animations & Some of the best animations created by the most talented creators in sl
More sensual couples animations than the vast majority of the furniture available.

More than 2 hours of animations* (calculated by animator's claim that their animations are looped at 30 second intervals, and others who loop at 15 seconds).


Through the menu you can:
-Choose from a variety of textures--many with their own matching rug with shadows
-Super hi-rez photo realistic textures

***Customize the Texture*** (1,000L Service Charge) You can change the texture of any part of the bedroom. Just send me a notecard of what you want changed along with the RBG colors, and/or the (full perm) rug of your choice.


Not one freebie animation--I have invested over $1,500,000L accumulating furniture animations from the finest animators in second life. No filler animations either; most of my animations are 30 second looped, fluid from beginning to end, & fit my furniture perfectly.


This is NOT a temp rezzer, it is one **real** prim. TempRezzers are forbidden in the linden home TOS. Temp rezzers don't count against a parcel, but do count against the sim total. As temp rezzers run, each prim they create requires a message be sent to all nearby avatars. Lag is the inevitable result. Like making your neighbors pay part of your water bill when you leave the sprinklers on overnight.

ABOUT PrimPossible™!

Our #1 purpose is to bring the highest quality content to SL. We stand by our products. We're not gonna make something just because it will impress people--by being 1 prim--at the expense of quality.

now where shall i start? To say that bed is ideal for people that wanna save prims is true, but it also usually means that you need to compromise on design and quality and thats far from truth in this case, in fact its completely opposite. All bed shapes that are already build in, and Ample Clarity is constantly updating it with new ones, are impeccable in look and textures, giving bed beside functionality decorative role in your indoor space too.

Also option to use bed just like "engine", invisible prim is not something thats need to be neglected. Easy to use menu is filled with top quality chosen animations, fps rich and smooth, so if you have that perfect bed sculpt or mesh for your SL home but you cant find good menu for it, look no more. Make this one transparent in one click and place it over your desired item.

There is so much more good and positive that i can say about this new PrimPossible 1 Prim Infinite Bedroom, how scripts are incredible low and cosing zero to none lag, how sculpt maps are made with precision and craftsmanship that is almost impossible to find in SL, how all is working smooth and with out any glitch no matter if you changing bed looks or just animation, but that will be to dry for reading and you really need to see that for your self.

The only thing that i wanna emphasize at the end of this review is price. All this performance, countless options and quality comes on market for under 1000 L$. With that said, i only can recommend this new fine innovative PrimPossible 1 Prim Infinite Bedroom to all my readers and say that this is one of best buys for this month.

This PrimPossible 1 Prim Infinite Bedroom and other fine products from PrimPossible 1 Prim Furniture Store you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




Smooching Serpents Strictly Bamboo

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light



Eve Light is well know by her creativity and imagination when it comes to bondage furniture in SL. This time for us and SEXX SALES EXPO  she created Smooching Serpents Strictly Bamboo Shibari rig frame that takes that ancient art of oriental bondage to whole new level.


- 100% Mesh, high LOD!

- high quality BDSM animations (Lesbian and Boy/Girl)

- couples + 3somes (2tops, 2subs)

- facial expressions

- gives rope harness, strapon, dildo

- rezzes beautiful ropes (lockguard compatible)

Amazing and breath taking in design, traditional and modern in same time this Smooching Serpents Strictly Bamboo is work of art. You can almost smell that wood, hear it sqeek under weight and tightening ropes under your sub weight.

Filled with best original made animations, constructed to provide you maximum pleasure and smooth reliable RP limited only by your imagination this is "must have" item for all that love bondage in any form or shape.

Top design, best performance and fair price leaving me no choice but to strongly recommend this fine work of art, Smooching Serpents Strictly Bamboo to all my readers. It can be find, tested and bought on links under the text:


~Dirty Deeds~ Self Shag Rug - Female - Cool Tones

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cimone Blackburn

- Dirty Deeds Store

With all top SL adult furniture makers making new creations exclusive for SEXX SALES EXPO we did not have to wait long for Cimone Blackburn to join them to. She did new exclusive and i will say unique item, ~Dirty Deeds~ Self Shag Rug - Female - Cool Tones that i will review and present for you today.

Fine looking rug with texture changer and only 2 prims land impact is designed for ladies only, male version will come out bit later, and it offers all that modern girl needs to stay fit and have big smile on her face.

Using system with out pose balls, menu is created in logical and easy to use way. PG fem will provide you with all stands, yoga work ours, dances, sits and much more for each day use, fun and relaxation. Very similar to yoga math if you ask me. XXX fem will bring you up sub menus with stands sits and lays while masturbating. So no doubt we are talking about quality work out and health product here ;)

This unique ~Dirty Deeds~ Self Shag Rug - Female - Cool Tones is using only top quality animations, chosen to give you best performance and quality in use of tis new and exclusive creation from Cimone Blackburn.

For testing and purchase ~Dirty Deeds~ Self Shag Rug - Female - Cool Tones is available on link under the text:



Brothel's Red Orgy Bed

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: RageGrey

- Animatri-X- Studio's

Story goes something like this: few month back one of my dear friend porn director come up with idea to make video with female, male and shemale in same scene, and she need some sex furniture where one of the pose balls will serve for bisexual male/shemale. I didnt know what to recommend to her right away but i promised that i will ask around. Thats how i find about for Animatri-X- Studio's owned by RageGrey for first time. We did try the bed and it did more then we expected so she did make fine SL porn video with it.

But thats where the story just begging. After that video many of my friends start to ask me more about Animatri-X- Studio's product and i did decide to contact creator RageGrey and make review of her fine product for you my dear readers where all your questions will be answered :)

For opening presentation and first appearance on my blog RageGrey picked her new Brothel's Red Orgy Bed and here is how she describes it:

"Your ultimate experience in Orgy and adult fun like u have never seen and experienced before in SL.

The main engine is adult based and holds up to 4 avatars in Male/Female couple poses, lesbian or gay couple poses.
Different kinds of 3some sets with 2 specialize menu's for a Male/Female/T-Girl.
And 2 big 4-some orgy menu sections.

The all day going sections has solo retreats, sits, masturbates or choose from 2 persons cuddling.
It also has a sequence set where the couple can play peeking the orgy set... while they start engaging onto each other.
So up to 6 avatars can play at once.

- 100% Mesh, 10 prims Land impact, Mod
- 400+ hq animations
solo - hangout - relaxing - masturbate
cuddles - foreplay - peeknplay; cuddleengine is updated with avsitter2, also supporting Xcite! now
sex - ride - doggy - hardcore
♀♀ lesbian
♂♂ gay
3 some menu's
mmf - 2 menu's
mf⚥ - 2 menu's
4 some menu's
fffm - big packed menu
mfmf - 2 menu's with automatic swinger option
male, female, lesbian, gay, shemale, herm ♂♀⚥

This is the Transfer version, theres also a Copy version if you prefer the Copy devices.

Have Fun.
Animatri-X- Studios."

The way i see it this is unique and original line of SL sex furniture thats offering something uncommon and above all useful for any public open sex sim. Undiscriminating on any sexual orientation or gender all can have fun and enjoy in use of this fine product and advantages that he is offering.

Menu is easy to use, logical, MLPV system, divided in sub menus that are excellent put together. You will not have to learn it or get use to it, its just click and have fun.

All animations used in this fine Brothel's Red Orgy Bed are top quality, smooth and chosen to provide best animated RP pleasure with rich frames per second support and make your time spend on play pleasurable and sensual experience to remember.

With my recommendation you can find this Brothel's Red Orgy Bed and other fine creations from RageGrey on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




[AF] 69C Phonebooth - transfer

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sin Mikado

- Abandoned Freight Main Store

Creations from Sin Mikado and his Abandoned Freight Main Store are becoming more popular by each day and im getting so many request for reviews. Fair price, great design and top quality must be reason for it. And he does have them all.

For todays review ill present new [AF] 69C Phonebooth - transfer, and at begging few words from creator Sin Mikado about it:

"Abandoned Freight's

69C Pay Phone Booth

Dont lie! We've all had our dirty thoughts and fantasies about those public pay phone booths.. So Abandoned Freight presents you with our very own public sex pay phone booth to suit any modern sim.

7 LI Mesh Design
126 High Quality animations
Single Poses,Cuddle, Kiss
Teasing, Oral, Sensual and Rough Sex
Includes a Make-out with Blow job Sequence

From designer side all is awesome, textures are well made and stretched, 7 prim land impact 100% mesh looking great and ideal for any urban RP environment.

Menu is MLPV, and its got all that you need for perfect solo, seduce or hot sex scene in your [AF] 69C Phonebooth - transfer. Animations are smooth and top quality, well positioned, giving you maximum usage and options in limited space of phone booth. And you will be pleasant surprised when you realize what all you can do in side lol

I was enjoying my self trying it out, and all was perfect, so i do recommend it for all my readers and friends. Fully realizing that this is not the only one phone booth that is out on market today, but when you compare quality, performance and price with out doubt it is best buy at the moment and you will get best bang for your bucks. Did i mention that i keep [AF] 69C Phonebooth - transfer rezed in my front yard? Now i did so that says something to :)

This [AF] 69C Phonebooth - transfer and other fine products from Abandoned Freight Main Store you can find on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:




H&S ~UpRight Sex Piano~ Dark Walnut

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Abbadon Soulstar

- Heart & Soul Designs

All my readers know that i like to have all furniture animated in my private SL home. That includes wall pictures, mirrors, you name it. So for todays review i turn to Heart & Soul Designs and Abbadon Soulstar for new item that he just released H&S ~UpRight Sex Piano~ Dark Walnut.

At the beginning few opening words and technical details from creator Abbadon Soulstar:

H&S Upright Sex Piano well designed it is a mere 8 prims with over 185 high quality animations and no static poses. With all additional items this set only 36 prims.
Piano-8 prims
(2) Plants-6 prim
Fireplace-9 prims
Book Shelves-3 prims
Click to change wall art-1 prim
Moose mount 9- prims
Total = 36
Built using high quality textures and native prims & Sculpted & Mesh Prims, Please Be aware you need the current viewers to see this item properly.
185 Top Notch animations!
Our Animations are among the best in SL!!
All legally purchased from the top 4 animators on the grid.
====( FEATURES & MENUS )====
AVSitter engine ( NO POSE BALLS ) just click the bike and sit. ***REMEMBER GUYS SIT FIRST***
Example- Couples M/F Guy sits first ~ Guy Girl Girl, Guy sits first then both girls. MMF, Both Guys sit then the girl..This is the way all my builds work. **REMEMBER THIS TO AVOID CONFUSION**

Just Click on the Sheet Music in a moment the song will play, the first time being played requires a moment to buffer the song, don't be surprised if it isn't perfectly smooth the first time through this really depends on the sim resources since this has to buffer. after enjoying the music touch the sheet music again to turn it off ....touch on!..touch off! ....touch on!..touch off! :P

CONCERT - Male & Female Playing options with a friend observing.
PLAY SOLO - Single player may sit and by selecting play piano you can impress your friends with you piano playing skills. Plays a looped piano piece of a 80's rock classic! :P
WARM UP - 13 loving and cozy animations most seated on the piano bench some on the floor.
FUCKING- 12 of our best hard core sex animations.
PUSSYLICKER - 7 tongue teasing clit pleasing animations ..winks..she'll love it!
GIRL4GIRLS 1&2, 17 sexy and seductive Girl on Girl animations.
COWGIRL- 6 flowing and awesome animations.
TITTYFUCK - 6 Flowing and awesome animations.
COCKSUCKER - 6 Flowing and awesome animations.
BLOWJOB - 6 very hot BJ animations
LICKING - 10 yummy cunny animations
WALLFUCK - 5 awesome hot standing animations

This item comes as Mod, Copy, No Transfer. You can change the textures to suit your needs.

In his well know tradition Abbadon Soulstar not only giving us item in purchase box, but also much more. With H&S ~UpRight Sex Piano~ Dark Walnut you will get: book shelves, moose on the loose mount, tiki framed changeable art, black obsidian fire place and two potted plants. All that you need to decorate and fit that well made piano in interior that you wanna use it like it was custom made just for you and your home.

Music is pleasure, and so is sex, so lets mix it and have fun ;) Beside music you can do much more on H&S ~UpRight Sex Piano~ Dark Walnut. Sex menu is easy to use, well and logically divided to support your RP story to maximum, giving you pleasure and satisfaction and always making you to use it over and over again.

Animations used in this fine product are chosen, high quality premium made, fps rich and smooth, giving you top performance in use. No cheep and free stuff, all is well made and put together here.

I need to emphasize here that  Abbadon Soulstar and his Heart & Soul Designs store taking really good care of they customers and if you ever need them for any thing they will be there for you. So all purchase by him are safe investment.

With all that said i can only strongly recommend to you my dear readers another well made product from Heart & Soul Designs that you can find on link under the text:

*- ReACT -* Accent Chair - Club Red*- Akaesha Designs Group Gift Feb 2014 -*

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Akaesha Revnik

-  Akaesha ReACT Store

I know, all wanna new Akaesha Revnik BDSM furniture, and she is working on it hard. Untill she is make it perfect like she does, she didnt forgot about you my dear readers, so today for Valentines day she is giving free gift chair to all that join her free group.

With 4 prims land impact this well made *- ReACT -* Accent Chair - Club Red* contains 4 male sitting animations, 4 female sitting animations, and read, coffee and touch self animations for bout genders with giving props.

all with react system hud, copy, easy to use and ideal for photo shoots, club and meeting areas or private homes. Highly detailed, with smooth running low lag animations and unbeatable price of 0L$.

All you have to do is to teleport in Akaesha ReACT Store and get your self free copy. Awesome gift design and great gesture from Akaesha Revnik that you can find on link under the text:



The Love Heart [Adult] v.1.14

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Quentin Calvert

- Jester Designs

Yeeeey its Valentines Day!!!! At least for us in Europe, my dear USA friends will have to wait few more hours. I was thinking what to do and how to make something special so Quentin Calvert owner and creator of Jester Designs store stepped in with new valentines special promo offer
The Love Heart [Adult] v.1.14 tht will be also mine best budget under 500L$ offer high quality low price buy for this week review.

This is how Quentin Calvert describes his new brand released product:

"Brand new item released in time for Valentines Day but great for all year round. 6 texture variations included.

The heart is mesh, very sweet and is set up on the Avsitter 2 system so no pose balls are needed. Just sit and away you go. Both sitters get same menu choices of extensive kiss, cuddle and steamy sex positions.

Demo available in store. Copy perms rez as many as you like. 3 prims of pure fun and pleasure.

Updates for life - also re-deliverable via in store terminal!"

In my eyes you cant go wrong with heart shape item for Valentines day. So style is fitting to occasion, and colors that are available are pink, red, stripe&wood, striped, valentine, vichy and white. And yes you do get all 7 of them in that purchase box, plus they are copy. Ideal for club owners, and public sims.

When it comes to menus and animations u have all what u need in side for romantic date with more then happy ending ;) dances, kiss and cuddle, foreplay and all else from xxx hard core sex. All in best chosen animations that will provide you unforgeable valentine date experience.

With price of just 399L$ for all this value of this well made The Love Heart [Adult] v.1.14 is unquestionable, and you getting so much for so small promo price. If you are last minute shopper, and u still looking for that ideal valentines gift, look no more.

With my strongest recommendation you can find this and other fine items from Jester Designs store on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:


Danika-Painful Pleasures - Bondage & Forced Sex Frame

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Dani Knelstrom

- Danimations Store

I know, i know you did wait so long for new Dani Knelstrom product review. I did my best to get it and im sure that we will see more of Danimations Store furniture in furniture specially with interest that you showing for it and quality that Dani Knelstrom producing them.

Today, for your reading pleasure, Painful Pleasures - Bondage & Forced Sex Frame

Main features:

100% mesh with only 4 prims land impact

RLV and LOCKGUARD compatibility


texture changer with HUD

XPOSE™ system

top quality animations (some of them 2 min in duration)

First that i have to emphasize is that Danimations Store taking some of leading roles in professional top quality BDSM furniture in SL. WE not talking here about some attempts to make D/S furniture or about some all around furniture with BDSM menu added to all rest. This Painful Pleasures - Bondage & Forced Sex Frame is not a "toy". Its targeted professional detailed sophisticated equipment for all BDSM "life-stylers" and easy to use for novice and enthusiasts to. Line of clothes, DANIKA RLV/LOCKGUARD OUTFITS, for it is also available in Danimations Store.

With same serious and top quality approach we can talk about design of Painful Pleasures - Bondage & Forced Sex Frame. Its flawless and impeccable, with texture changing hud that will make this fine piece of furniture blend in any space of your choosing like its custom made for it.

Menu is big but extremely easy to use, arranged in logical sub menus, and filled with top quality unique chosen animations, smooth and frames per second rich, in some cases 2 min in duration.

This Painful Pleasures - Bondage & Forced Sex Frame just dont have week spot, or anything that is not 100% perfect. All is made with so much details like we talking about some store that have more then few years tradition in BDSM furniture making.

So all bondage enthusiast dont burn any day light, and look no further, with my highest recommendations and big grin from testing this fine piece of equipment, im sending you to Danimations Store to get your self your own copy.

Link is under the text:




Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegr



Kacey Pomegranate is going loco!!! update on new special turbo mega amazing discount hunt!!!

Simple; click two hearts to find two prizes. One is "free" with an item worth 2500L$ and other prize is 25000L$ (yes its not mistake twenty five thousand) bed featuring over 1000 animations. Find this heart and buy it for only 2500L$. That is a 90% discount off savings.



All is said there, top of the line X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS bed now on 90% discount hunt for next two days.


Available in world store only on link under the text:



Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate



Kacey Pomegranate owner and creator of X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS is definitely going to spoil us all. She doesn't stop with promos, discounts and special offers for her dear customers/my dear readers :)

So far unreleased item, new X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS FEELS LIKE HOME OTTOMAN PROMO valued 1499L$ in pg and X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS GET LUCKY OTTOMAN PROMO 3499L$ in adult version can and will be yours absolutely free if you spend 300L$ or more on anything in X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS store for PG version or 600L$ or more for adult version. And who would not like such a great gift.

This is how Kacey Pomegranate owner and creator describes it:

"The X-Clusives Animations heart shaped  "Feels Like Home" ottoman has three different menus in it:

1. A TEXTURE/COLOR Changer for the RUG and OTTOMAN.  Touch the RUG to ACCESS this Menu.
    A. Choose TEXTURE from the menu to change the TEXTURE of the OTTOMAN CUSHION, OTTOMAN BASE, and RUG.
    B. Choose COLOR from the menu if you want to TINT the OTTOMAN CUSHION, OTTOMAN BASE, or RUG.
    C. In the COLOR Menu choosing WHITE at any time will remove the TINT you have added.
    D. If you DO NOT want to use the RUG use the TRANSPARENCY Menu button to make the rug 100% transparent.
    E. The ACCESS Menu button gives Access to others to change the Colors and Textures.

2. The Multipose Sit System for single Male and Female Sits is in the OTTOMAN BASE
    A. RIGHT CLICK on the OTTOMAN BASE and choose SIT HERE.
    B. A menu will appear that names the item you are sitting on.
    C. From that menu you can choose Male or Female sits.
    D. If you lose the Sits menu just touch the Ottoman Base to get the menu back.  (A second Blue drop down is likely to appear if you have to get the Sit Menu a second time.  Just hit Ignore on the second drop down.)
    E. The Menu will automatically give you various items like the TABLET or CELL PHONE. You should Add/Wear these items and Edit them to fit properly if necessary..  You cannot rez them in-world or they will disappear.  However they will remain in your inventory for reuse.
    F.  The Menu will only give you the items once for each sitting.  If for some reason you need an additional item then you will have to STAND and SIT AGAIN to get it from the Menu.

3.  The XPOSE Animation Menu.  You ACCESS this Menu by touching the OTTOMAN CUSHION.

In the SHARING Menu you will be able to:
A. GIVE ROSE - Give your sweetheart a rose.  Your sweetheart will actually take the rose from your hand.
B. BON BONS - Offer your sweetheart some candy from a box of chocolates.  Your sweetheart will take the lid off the box of candy, and take chocolates from the box to eat.
C. BUBBLY - Give your sweetheart a glass of champagne and make a toast.  You will hand your sweetheart a glass of champagne that he/she will take from you.  You will take your own glass of champagne, and then you will toast and sip the champagne.

To ACTIVATE the various items in the SHARING Menu you and your partner must wear the items marked X-CLUSIVES GIVE ITEMS (Wear Me) or  X-CLUSIVES GET ITEMS (Wear Me).  These items are located at the beginning of the SHARE Menu.

Click on "Items4Him" button in the "SHARE" menu to get the object X-CLUSIVES GIVE ITEMS (Wear Me) if you are going to be giving the rose, offering the candy, and/or offering the champagne.

Click on the"Items4Her" button in the "SHARE" menu to get the object  X-CLUSIVES GET ITEMS (Wear Me) if you are going to be the person receiving the items.

If you are the owner of the chair you can get both items and pass the appropriate one to your sweetheart.

The items will appear automatically once you choose the appropriate pose, and they will disappear once you move on to a different pose.

In the XPose Menu you will also be able to do things like:

1. CHOCO BLISS - Feed your sweetheart either Every Day, Halloween, Valentine, or Christmas Kisses.  Touch the plate to get a kiss to wear, and then feed it to your sweetheart.
2. MOVIE NIGHT - Share popcorn with your sweetheart
3. STRAWBERRY DECADENCE - Feed your sweetheart chocolate covered strawberries.  Touch the box of strawberries and wear the strawberry to feed it to your sweetheart.
4. Play a game
5. Play Chess
6. Read
7. Use a lap top

If you have any questions or need assistance with this product please contact  PERSEA DAWES or KACEY POMEGRANATE."

Now i should add something, but what? Nothing much else left to say except we can never have enough of quality furniture like Kacey Pomegranate makes it or promo/gift deals like she is offering. All thats always been trade mark for other X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS is contained in this X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS GET LUCKY OTTOMAN PROMO. Low prim 4 land impact, texture changer, animations of highest quality variety of choices and top performance.

With risk to make this review to long i have to add what X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS is and stands for:

X-Clusives Animations ...

* Is one of the most popular animation shops in all of SL

* Has unique animations from romance to sex, daily living to dance, club animations & specialized BDSM devices, furnishings for the entire house, indoors and out (all animated).

* Has been in business for over 6 years and continues to grow!

* Has a main store covering 2 Sims FULL SIMS.

* Has over 10,000 members in 2 groups - The VIP group offers 25% discount on most products and special MM Board gifts.

* Is competitively priced, with numerous daily specials, discounts, in-store hunts, Free Specials, MM Boards and spontaneous prize give away.

* Doesn't just set up the shop and leave it to run itself.

* Has 20+ staff members offering high quality customer service, practically around the clock, and numerous languages represented.

* Hosts dances and contest within the shop, allowing for more socializing.

* Also host a number of high quality third-party vendor items.

* Partners with numerous businesses and events to help make Second Life a more diverse, enjoyable experience for all


Available in world store only on link under the text: