J.L. Designs - Kinky BDSM Steamer Trunk

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jay Lordhunter

- J.L. Designs

The Sexx Sells Expo did show many great designs and ideas in SL adult furniture world and more. One of ideas that caught my eye is Kinky BDSM Steamer Trunk from J.L. Designs store owned and created by Jay Lordhunter. Unique and original in design and idea that great looking treasure chest got whole dungeon in side. So when its different and unusual, great build with quality animations and props im instantly crazy about it lol.

In just 9 prim land impact (when its not in use) this great looking J.L. Designs - Kinky BDSM Steamer Trunk with 9 different preset wood textures in texture changer that you can choose from, looking like awesome detail and decoration of your space. But thats just beginning.

Hidden in side is user friendly menu, Xpose system with RLV, that holds up full dungeon plus rug with "vanilla" sex animations. Divided in sub menus for pillory, post, cross, wall, bench, throne, and couples that will rez rug beside trunk. All props (16/34 props/give items) are low prim and looking impeccable. Animations are high quality, smooth fps rich chosen to give you best performance and top pleasure for your RP moments.

This fine piece of  J.L. Designs  - Kinky BDSM Steamer Trunk, is ideal for people that like to save prims, hide dungeon at first site, bondage and BDSM enthusiasts and all that loves new ideas in furniture like i do.

My recommendations to you my readers and my hat down to Jay Lordhunter designer and creator of J.L. Designs - Kinky BDSM Steamer Trunk. Looking forward to see what his store will have next for us.
Until then i hope you will enjoy this fine product same as i did while testing it for you.

J.L. Designs - Kinky BDSM Steamer Trunk is available for purchase and testing on link under the text:


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