SA Wall Cuffs Sex

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Selina Anatra

- Selina Anatra Designs

We didnt have anything form Selina Anatra Designs store on my blog. Only reason for that is Selina's was working hard updating her products and making some new stuff. So today for your reading pleasure only we have new SA Wall Cuffs, available in two versions; basic (just RLV functions and poses) and sex (RLV function and poses + sex animations).

This is how creator, Selina Anatra, describes it:

Wall Cuff Restraint device to keep you or your pets where they should be.

Fully RLV compatible, so they cannot get away. As as Xcite and Sensations compatible (hit bondage kink on xcite)

You get 3 versions. One with a Back plate, One without the Backplate and One for suspended AV's. That way you can match to any decor.

Each includes 2 solo and 6 sex poses (except the suspended, which is solo only)

In the sea of similar designs and devices why did i decide to review and recommend this one form Selina Anatra Designs store? Simple, because its hand made, original item, with many options and latest solutions for RLV like tango strip compatibility.

Selina Anatra is well known by giving so much in her purchase boxes and same case is with her new SA Wall Cuffs Sex product. 3 different back plate, texture changer is out and that reduces lag, giving u options to blend this new fine product in any interior by your choosing easy and simple, like its custom build for it. Traditional dungeon, modern concrete, wood, it will fit and match in all.

Since im making review about sex animated version of this new SA Wall Cuffs Sex product i have to mention that animations are superb, well done and flawless. RLV is working impeccable and i specially did like option tango strip compatibility that aloes you to strip your subs tango layers off. That function requires Tango Strip scripts, SA Tango Strip Expansion 1.4 that you can find in Selina Anatra Designs store or SL market place for 95L$ on this link:


Well build, good scripted, with user friendly menu, huge directions for use of RLV menu for bondage novices, and more then fair price i will strongly suggest all bondage, restrains and D/S enthusiasts to try this fine SA Wall Cuffs Sex product that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:




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