H&S ~UpRight Sex Piano~ Dark Walnut

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Abbadon Soulstar

- Heart & Soul Designs

All my readers know that i like to have all furniture animated in my private SL home. That includes wall pictures, mirrors, you name it. So for todays review i turn to Heart & Soul Designs and Abbadon Soulstar for new item that he just released H&S ~UpRight Sex Piano~ Dark Walnut.

At the beginning few opening words and technical details from creator Abbadon Soulstar:

H&S Upright Sex Piano well designed it is a mere 8 prims with over 185 high quality animations and no static poses. With all additional items this set only 36 prims.
Piano-8 prims
(2) Plants-6 prim
Fireplace-9 prims
Book Shelves-3 prims
Click to change wall art-1 prim
Moose mount 9- prims
Total = 36
Built using high quality textures and native prims & Sculpted & Mesh Prims, Please Be aware you need the current viewers to see this item properly.
185 Top Notch animations!
Our Animations are among the best in SL!!
All legally purchased from the top 4 animators on the grid.
====( FEATURES & MENUS )====
AVSitter engine ( NO POSE BALLS ) just click the bike and sit. ***REMEMBER GUYS SIT FIRST***
Example- Couples M/F Guy sits first ~ Guy Girl Girl, Guy sits first then both girls. MMF, Both Guys sit then the girl..This is the way all my builds work. **REMEMBER THIS TO AVOID CONFUSION**

Just Click on the Sheet Music in a moment the song will play, the first time being played requires a moment to buffer the song, don't be surprised if it isn't perfectly smooth the first time through this really depends on the sim resources since this has to buffer. after enjoying the music touch the sheet music again to turn it off ....touch on!..touch off! ....touch on!..touch off! :P

CONCERT - Male & Female Playing options with a friend observing.
PLAY SOLO - Single player may sit and by selecting play piano you can impress your friends with you piano playing skills. Plays a looped piano piece of a 80's rock classic! :P
WARM UP - 13 loving and cozy animations most seated on the piano bench some on the floor.
FUCKING- 12 of our best hard core sex animations.
PUSSYLICKER - 7 tongue teasing clit pleasing animations ..winks..she'll love it!
GIRL4GIRLS 1&2, 17 sexy and seductive Girl on Girl animations.
COWGIRL- 6 flowing and awesome animations.
TITTYFUCK - 6 Flowing and awesome animations.
COCKSUCKER - 6 Flowing and awesome animations.
BLOWJOB - 6 very hot BJ animations
LICKING - 10 yummy cunny animations
WALLFUCK - 5 awesome hot standing animations

This item comes as Mod, Copy, No Transfer. You can change the textures to suit your needs.

In his well know tradition Abbadon Soulstar not only giving us item in purchase box, but also much more. With H&S ~UpRight Sex Piano~ Dark Walnut you will get: book shelves, moose on the loose mount, tiki framed changeable art, black obsidian fire place and two potted plants. All that you need to decorate and fit that well made piano in interior that you wanna use it like it was custom made just for you and your home.

Music is pleasure, and so is sex, so lets mix it and have fun ;) Beside music you can do much more on H&S ~UpRight Sex Piano~ Dark Walnut. Sex menu is easy to use, well and logically divided to support your RP story to maximum, giving you pleasure and satisfaction and always making you to use it over and over again.

Animations used in this fine product are chosen, high quality premium made, fps rich and smooth, giving you top performance in use. No cheep and free stuff, all is well made and put together here.

I need to emphasize here that  Abbadon Soulstar and his Heart & Soul Designs store taking really good care of they customers and if you ever need them for any thing they will be there for you. So all purchase by him are safe investment.

With all that said i can only strongly recommend to you my dear readers another well made product from Heart & Soul Designs that you can find on link under the text:


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