[AA] Sex Coffin

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

I neglected my goth and bloodline readers, so they send me many im's requests on some adult furniture in that direction. Among top request was good animated coffin. Im always try to please my readers as much as it is in my power, cos this blog is for them and not for me and store owners, i did research, ask and look around and the best that i find and like was Alina animations [AA] Sex Coffin.

Lets hear first some description and technical details from creator Alina Graf:

"Animated coffin for your vampire RPG.

Custom made animations in 4 menu, sex oriented, for MF couples. Ready for both male or female vampire and their admirer.

• 34 MF couple poses in 4 menus. 68 custom animations
• For both male or female vampire and their admirers
• Plain sex and vampire feed animations
• 11 prim.
• 7 x 8 x 3 texture themes
• Xpose script engine, Xcite devices compliant
• Size: 3.26 x 1.16 x 0.82 mt.
• Mod and Copy permissions.
• Open/close lid

• Vamp MF: 8 poses
• Foreplay MF: 9 poses
• Orals MF: 8 poses
• Sex MF: 9 poses"

My personal reasons why i pick [AA] Sex Coffin are following:

* piece of bigger and consecutive church/goth collection

Coffin is just one of the product that Alina animations store offers for goth/bloodline RP customers. Yes it is essential and crucial piece, but beside coffin you can find confession booth, church bench and altar, all you need for full furnished and animated perfect RP scene and atmosphere. And if you have interest all of mentioned products will be reviewed later on blog so feed back will be appreciated.

* quality in design, build texture changer and additional options

With just 11 prims land impact this is one of "lightest" coffins on market atm. Fully customizable, texture changer for wood, inlay and metal handles make it easy to blend in any space that you wanna use it, plus additional feature of buying just engine, in invisible prim, that you can add in any coffin that you prefer and enjoy same top quality animations and performance of full version with design of or preference.

* Xpose script engine, Xcite devices compliant easy menu

One of my favorite Xcite systems is used for this fine product, proven, easy to use and operate, with intuitive menu that will provide each user maximum pleasure with minimum effort. And if you have Xcite genitals, penis rotation, excitement and all else will be working with it.

* indisputable top quality flawless animations

Like i did mention many times before, Alina Graf's years long tradition in animations making, skill and knowledge is showing in any of her product. Same is with this reviewed [AA] Sex Coffin. All animations are hand made by Aline and some are originally made for, and only can be find in this fine product. Flawless, smooth and impeccable they are crown jewels in this great creation by Alina Animations store.

* price

Under 1000L$ for all this quality, options and performance. Do i need to say more?

* additional church in 100% mesh low prim in 3 versions (pg, mature, and adult) with decorations build from BelleJour Shinn for Alina Graf's church edition adult furniture

Made in 100% mesh with just 29 prims land impact shows that Alina and Belle do not just share friendship and Libido sim, but also same quality in building and creating best for they customers. Im giving you picture of the church and link for all info and details on SL market place. Did i say that whole church in 3 versions with all decorations is just 560L$? ups i guess i just did now ;)


With all that said i hope that i did elaborate well my reasons for choosing this [AA] Sex Coffin in front any other in SL. So i will rest my case and strongly urge you and recommend to you my dear readers to check, look and try this [AA] Sex Coffin and other Alina Animations fine products on links under the text:



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