[AF] 69C Phonebooth - transfer

Reviewed by: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sin Mikado

- Abandoned Freight Main Store

Creations from Sin Mikado and his Abandoned Freight Main Store are becoming more popular by each day and im getting so many request for reviews. Fair price, great design and top quality must be reason for it. And he does have them all.

For todays review ill present new [AF] 69C Phonebooth - transfer, and at begging few words from creator Sin Mikado about it:

"Abandoned Freight's

69C Pay Phone Booth

Dont lie! We've all had our dirty thoughts and fantasies about those public pay phone booths.. So Abandoned Freight presents you with our very own public sex pay phone booth to suit any modern sim.

7 LI Mesh Design
126 High Quality animations
Single Poses,Cuddle, Kiss
Teasing, Oral, Sensual and Rough Sex
Includes a Make-out with Blow job Sequence

From designer side all is awesome, textures are well made and stretched, 7 prim land impact 100% mesh looking great and ideal for any urban RP environment.

Menu is MLPV, and its got all that you need for perfect solo, seduce or hot sex scene in your [AF] 69C Phonebooth - transfer. Animations are smooth and top quality, well positioned, giving you maximum usage and options in limited space of phone booth. And you will be pleasant surprised when you realize what all you can do in side lol

I was enjoying my self trying it out, and all was perfect, so i do recommend it for all my readers and friends. Fully realizing that this is not the only one phone booth that is out on market today, but when you compare quality, performance and price with out doubt it is best buy at the moment and you will get best bang for your bucks. Did i mention that i keep [AF] 69C Phonebooth - transfer rezed in my front yard? Now i did so that says something to :)

This [AF] 69C Phonebooth - transfer and other fine products from Abandoned Freight Main Store you can find on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:



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