Chalet by Abiss - mature package

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa

- Abiss Interior Design

I have to admit that i was fully unaware popularity of Abiss Interior Design store and they furnished houses and sky boxes. Since i start to work with Frasha Boa, owner and creator of Abiss Interior Design store,  i did get requests for chalet ans similar items that i was presuming they are furniture. And that was my mistake. You where requesting premium made and fully exclusively furnished houses. So im about to fix that mistake now, and im starting series with Abiss Interior Design homes that comes with adult animated furniture or have preset adult function, like dungeons etc. In same time ill be free to ask you for feed back please, tell me what you think about that idea and what houses would u like to see reviewed. Thank you!

First to open, what i hope it will be brand new series of weekly articles, will be Chalet by Abiss - mature package sky box/land house.It was most requested, not to big so i hope it will be good opening.

Technical details and description by creator Frasha Boa:

"This version contains both PG and Adult animations

Chalet package contains:

1. Skybox/house structure with mod and copy permissions ( 2 rezzers - one with shadows for furniture, one without those shadows)
2. One sofa (mod/transfer)- "Polymatic" with pg and adult animations
3. One bed (mod/transfer) - "Wave" with pg and adult animations

* Chalet is available in 2 version - PG or Mature ( difference is only in animations, number of animations and maturity rating.
Structure facts:

94 prims with furniture included
100% mesh structure
Day/Night texture change option
Panoramic image control - different presets for both day and night
Snow falling feature - on/off
2 rezzers inside package - one fully shaded textures as displayed at demo location and second one without shadows from furniture fireplace and plant
Rez-Faux system- easiest possible
High detailed textures
Catchy looks
Lighting fixtures and lamps are linked with structure and should not be removed


Footprint: 30 x 30 m

Minimum parcel size required: 1024 sq. meters **

Prims: 94 (71 without furniture)


Q: Can this skybox fit 512m parcel?
a: Yes, however its not advised. You can rezz it somewhere else, then scale it down. Pick up and rezz directly from inventory as group. Furniture must stay same size, or else all the poses and animations would need readjusting (which takes ages to do)
Q: Can I remove panoramic images?
a: Yes you can, it is separate object and can be removed without a problem.
Q: How to add my own image/texture as background?
a: Select "Panorama Image Controller" and drag texture you wish to add in its contents ( you`ll see existing images inside), no script changes needed.
Q: Can I lock doors?
a: No you cant, use some 3rd party security system if you really think you need it.
Q: Can I combine 2 skyboxes and make them one large?
a: Its not intended by default, but yes. Rezz one, select all if its objects (5 objects total), shift-drag with move tool and rotate it 180 degrees. Then you can align two of them if you are careful. (one entrance door will be excessive)
Q: Can I add poses to bed / sofa?
a: Yes, consult http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/MLPV2
Q: Can I add/remove certain prims?
a: Yes, however, day/ night texture switch might misbehave. Better resize and conceal prims instead. Avoid unlinking.
Q: Can I remove shadows/illumination effect from lamps?
a: No, physical illumination accuracy was out goal and entire structure has pre-baked illumination to achieve displayed effects.

Rezzing instructions:

When you get package, inside are 2 different skybox-structure versions (names are self explanatory)
Rezz the rezzer box of preferred package. Look on its top. You'll see layout relative to rezzer box orientation, and marked location of rezzer box relative to structure. Choose rezz and structure will come out. Position as you please. Save and delete rezzer box when satisfied.

Additional Info:
*Contains rezzer powered by *Rez-Faux scripts
* Prim renaming and un-linking is not recommended since day/night texture switch works via linkset to reduce lag. (However if you are skilled enough, by all means go ahead. (just make sure controller is not root)
* The Chalet by Abiss is 100% mesh building therefore you'll need a mesh viewer to see it. Viewer settings higher LOD factor is mandatory, however house is tested with standard settings and visually appears correctly.
* Structure is being sold as displayed at demo location
* Inside of building is set to full bright for best visual experience.
* Outside of building is also set to full bright. You can tweak it individually due to mod permissions on structure.

* Please be advised to check the prim count on your parcel prior to purchase, some parcels might have less prims available than others.

* Baked textures- shadows aren't on separated prims

* Prefab editing isn't recommended, however if you really feel like editing the skybox just rez another copy if you're not happy with result.
Entire structure is mod/copy so you can always rez another copy in case you made an accidental mistake."

I hope that was detailed enough lol.

The way i see it its just furnished enough not to be empty and leaves plenty of room for personal touch and decorations. From designer side all is impeccable, textures are stretched just perfect, no overlapping, all is exactly where it should be. Additional options, like day and night, sky, etc just adding to value and making this Chalet by Abiss - mature package truly exquisite choice recognizable and unique among all other similar products on the market, they cant really compare. It will be like you trying to find advantages of VW over Mercedes. Result is VW is cheaper, but we all know why and no one needs explanation for that.

One sofa (mod/transfer)- "Polymatic" with pg and adult animations
and one bed (mod/transfer) - "Wave" with pg and adult animations that comes in this purchase box are in high quality and easy to use menu with premium animations, and they are more then sufficient enough to cover all basic and essential animated needs of average SL user if not even more. So i recommend them and i also emphasizing again there is enough room to add furniture for individual kinks or needs, like BDSM, and similar.

For home or small club, in high class design, Chalet by Abiss - mature package is by no doubt way to go. You can come and see it, and try it out on links under the text:



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