Xplicit Wingback Sofa set (t)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Jodi Morane


XPLICIT FURNISHINGS sex furniture owned by Jodi Morane is releasing second exclusive furniture set made just for SEXX SALES EXPO. This time its Xplicit Wingback Sofa set, classy full of style and great looking design.

Each time when you buying XPLICIT FURNISHINGS sex furniture you are getting best value and quality for your money but it this case that is even more emphasized; its not just sofa, its whole room sitting set.


- 100% Mesh

- 148 animations

- 6 full length love-scenes

Purchase box contains:

Xplicit Wingback Sofa (t)

Xplicit Wingback Armchair

Xplicit Wingback Armchair 1

Xplicit Wingback Coffee Table

Mesh and AVsitter™, latest that SL adult furniture trends demanding from creator are just some of the features that comes standard in this incapable well designed and textured Xplicit Wingback Sofa set (t). Texture changer will make this set to blend perfectly in any interior space of your choosing, specially if you wanna rez it in some villa, mansion or manor, this fine set will come to full glow and it will give that extra touch of elegance to whole room.

Animated menu in sofa, with out pose balls, is logical and user friendly, covering all from sting animations, relaxing, cuddles to oral and hard core sex. Great for relaxed moments with friends and excellent for passion and hard core action, you can be sure that it has all and that it will back up with top quality chosen animations all your animated RP needs. In scene or click by click this fine Xplicit Wingback Sofa set (t) will work smooth and with out any glitches.

Ratio of quality, design, performance and price is amazing and all in favor for buyer, so i can only recommend this Xplicit Wingback Sofa set (t) that you can find and try on link under the text:


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