~Dirty Deeds~ Self Shag Rug - Female - Cool Tones

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cimone Blackburn

- Dirty Deeds Store

With all top SL adult furniture makers making new creations exclusive for SEXX SALES EXPO we did not have to wait long for Cimone Blackburn to join them to. She did new exclusive and i will say unique item, ~Dirty Deeds~ Self Shag Rug - Female - Cool Tones that i will review and present for you today.

Fine looking rug with texture changer and only 2 prims land impact is designed for ladies only, male version will come out bit later, and it offers all that modern girl needs to stay fit and have big smile on her face.

Using system with out pose balls, menu is created in logical and easy to use way. PG fem will provide you with all stands, yoga work ours, dances, sits and much more for each day use, fun and relaxation. Very similar to yoga math if you ask me. XXX fem will bring you up sub menus with stands sits and lays while masturbating. So no doubt we are talking about quality work out and health product here ;)

This unique ~Dirty Deeds~ Self Shag Rug - Female - Cool Tones is using only top quality animations, chosen to give you best performance and quality in use of tis new and exclusive creation from Cimone Blackburn.

For testing and purchase ~Dirty Deeds~ Self Shag Rug - Female - Cool Tones is available on link under the text:


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