AT Longhorn

 Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Adira Aeon

- Anima Temptation store

Second item reviewed on my blog from Anima Temptation store by Adira Aeon. I will say that i did have many of im's from you my dear readers asking me about custom animated whips. Since this was not my strongest side im glad that i finally did find some quality product in that range that i can recommend with out fear.

Some technical infos from creator Adira Aeon:

This whip has a huge selection of different animations. So you can be sure to hit your victim however it is positioned.
And yes, the funny handle is not just for show: Flip the whip around in your hand and use the handle on your victim as well :-).

The whip is no copy, modify and transfer.

Touch the whip to bring up:
The Menu:

- Whip:
brings you to the menu with the whipping animations.
It has two pages with the buttons to activate the animations and also buttons that brings you back to the main menu and directly to the fuck menu.

- Fuck:
leads to the menu with the fucking animations.
(the whip will turn automatically around in your hand when you press this button.)
The fucking animations will continue to play, until you switch to another animation or press the stop button.
You can even use the handle on yourself, and I am sorry that this is not really suited for males and shemales ;-).
- Aim:
here you can aim the whip at a nearby person. This will switch on the Xcite! compatibility of the whip and affects the Xcite! genitals of your victim.
The whip will affect yourself too.

- Options:
opens the options menu.
If you are tiered of whips that do the talking for you, here you can mute the chat text of the whip.
"Change  color" brings up the different coloring options, you can color individual parts of the whip or everything at once.

In case you want to rename your Longhorn, you need to rezz it on the ground, edit it and change the name in the edit window.
(I know it says "no modify" in your inventory, but that is only because the scripts inside are no mod.)

So all Bdsm enthusiasts dont waist any daylight. Also, subs and slaves if you are looking for ideal gift/present for your owner this might be exactly it.

Well made, and quality in use are guarantied.

Animations used in AT Longhorn are top quality, fps rich giving you pleasure and top support for your RP story.

This quality AT Longhorn whip and other fine products from Anima Temptation store you can find on links under the text:



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