Swimming Pool Infinity Ko Samui (adult)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Harry Quijote

- Harry's Outdoor & Living

After my last month review and first presentation of Harry's Outdoor & Living store on my blog you send me so many messages and request for more reviews of his fine products. Thats also showing that Harry Quijote work and creations are well known and appreciated by SL adult furniture users. So today, for your reading pleasure only, i'll be reviewing Swimming Pool Infinity Ko Samui (adult).

At the beginning, like always few opening words and technical details form creator Harry Quijote:

"Swimming Pool Infinity Ko Samui Set (Adult)
features and instructions

Total Prims:
57 prim Swimming Pool
4 prim (13 PE) Mesh Loungers
2 prim Coffee table
8 prim candle set

size: 16.25 x 12 meters


This swimming pool is not an ordinary pool. Hereby the list of the tons of features included in this magnificent design.

- Medium sized swimming pool, of course :)
- Control the Pool candle lights by touching the "L" button near the steps
- Depth leveler. Need to get rid of your linden water floating in your pool, or can't dig deep enough to have your pool fit perfectly? You need to raise the floor for this but don't want to mess with the prims? simply use the little white button near the steps. (owner only)
- 2 pool towels with 4 animations inside in each. (poses can be adjusted through the menu)
- Animated diving board. (sit on de board to make the dive)
- Sun tan animation in the air mattress

- Swim huds for you and your guests
- Touch the blue Hud Giver near the pool steps, to receive your free swimmer hud
- Wear the hud to swim around the pool
- You can switch it on/off and adjust the swim height to match your avatar
- Make sure your ao is switched off!
- The hud will only work in Harry's Outdoor & Living animated swimming pools

- Rezzable Sun loungers
- Mesh design
- Texture changing through same menu as the pool
- 4 animations inside (poses can be adjusted through the menu)
- Coffee table
- Candles can be switched on/off

STYLE TEXTURE CHANGER. This swimming pool comes with a mix and match texture system to match your own style. You can access the menu by touching the red button under the vases. The same menu lets you modify the loungers and coffee table as well Choose between:
- 8 Deck styles
- 9 Wicker Mattress (also for loungers and coffee table)
- 8 Wood Pillar styles
- 14 Towel styles (also for loungers)
- 9 Water styles
- 11 Granite styles
* Set access control to ALL, GROUP or OWNER only, owner only by default.
* After setup choose to remove the setup scripts from the menu.

This pool is seriously stuffed with high quality animations.
- Diving board. Simply 'Sit' on the diving board and see yourself. Unique diving animation.
- 2 single towels with 4 animations inside (poses can be adjusted through the menu)
- 4 single shower animations in the stepping stone at the shower. menu control
- Sun tan animation in the air mattress
- Sun loungers have 4 animations inside (poses can be adjusted through the menu)

- Touch the Air mattress to activate the extensive couple animation menu with 111 high quality couple animations in it.

Our couple animations are scattered around carefully... in the pool, on the mattress, on the deck, on the diving board... etc.. lots a fun and only top quality animations used.
- 27 pg (cuddles, kisses)
- 45 sex (various styles)
- 10 3some (cuddles and trio sex mff and mmf)
- 14 Gay (cuddles and sex)
- 15 Lesbian (cuddles and sex)

- We use the professional Xpose engine to work with our animations. This means that all animations can be adjusted by the owner to fit for all size avatars very easily.
- !Xcite interaction compatibility. Wear your !Xcite gear.

Finally this pool is modifiable and Copy! This means you are free to edit the pool to your wishes and if you break something by accident, simply rezz a new pool from your inventory! (unlinking the scripted parts can make scripts stop working properly).

This pool uses only high quality textures carefully used and aligned. High quality scripts that are selected for its low lag capabilities.

Enjoy your pool fun!
Your designer,

Harry Quijote"

There is few things that i wanna emphasize when it comes to this fine product, Swimming Pool Infinity Ko Samui (adult).

First, by all means is quality design. that pool is just looking awesome. no other words to use. All textures are set perfect, all that you need is there, u can modify it, use build in texture changer, regulate height of water etc etc. After few minutes and clicks you have pool that is perfect for your hose, and blending in exterior like its custom order made just for it. All other extra items that comes in purchase box (Mesh Lounger, Coffee table, candle set) only add to high class and decorative function of this impeccable made Swimming Pool Infinity Ko Samui (adult).

When it comes to adult animated menu, is user friendly, in xpose system, giving you all from pg animations for solo genders, cuddles, to foreplay and hard core sex for straight, lesbian and gay couples and mmf/ffm 3some combinations are included to. All in premium made and carefully chosen animations that are smooth and flawless to provide you and your partners best animated RP support possible and make your use of this fine high quality product pleasurable and unforgettable experience to remember.

Since i dont wanna make this review to long and dry to read, and with all thats said above, i can strongly recommend this fine Swimming Pool Infinity Ko Samui (adult) product to all my readers and friends who are in search for great functional and beautifully made outdoor swimming pool.

You can find this and other fine Harry Quijote products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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