[AA] Erotic Bookshelf

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

One of creator that specially pays attention to customers wishes and needs is certainly Alina Graf. I did get few requests from you my dear readers that you missing book shelf that will fit with rest of her great designed and created furniture and she didnt wait long to make one.

New [AA] Erotic Bookshelf contains all that Alina is famous for; great design, low prim, custom self made animations, texture changer etc.

At the beginning few words and technical details from creator Alina Graf:


Mesh product, with sex animations for couples and 3-somes, texture changer.
Comes with Mod and Copy permissions. Good for sex role plays or to furnish your house.

Click the vase to change textures.
• 2 woods
• 5 books textures.

All animations are self made by myself, Alina Graf
• FM, FF, MMF, FFM, FFF combinations
• 87 poses and 170 animations
• Smart swap

A 5 PE custom mesh build, made by Bethi Catteneo. Copyable.

Quinn Ying

I know i did say it couple times before but i will say it again, no doubt that Alina Graf was and still is one of top 5 self making animators in SL. And with each new product she keeps confirming my words same like you do with your interest for her fine creations.

[AA] Erotic Bookshelf is timeless in design, it will fit great in castle or manor same like it will in modern home or villa. Not only wood textures are changeable but you can also change titles of books in the shelf and make it explicit as far you wanna go. All in 100% mesh naturally.

Menu is big but user friendly, logical, containing all gender combinations for couples and 3somes sex, with foreplay oral and hard core action. Animations are impeccable, detailed, flawless. Also unique because Alina is making them by her self. Giving us, customers and users, best that her knowledge, skill and years long animating tradition can produce.

I wanna emphasize low price that usually not goes together with such high quality top performance work. But then again, Alina Graf is creator and animator, and those kind of people are not here just for money, they having even more pleasure knowing that people in SL using they products and creations and enjoying they hard work.

With indisputable top quality, best animations, great design and low prim and price i can only highly recommend this fine product that you can find on links under the text:



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