Sex Smoking Chair v.11.13

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Quentin Calvert

- Jester Designs

My faithful readers knows that at least once per week im trying to bring them high quality furniture at fair price, kinda budget buy for 500 lin or less. Naturally fair reasonable price does not mean low quality or poor animations.

So with pleasure i present you today Sex Smoking Chair v.11.13 made by Quentin Calvert owner of  Jester Designs store. This fine looking piece of furniture was just updated so lets give chance to creator to say few opening words about it:

*Updated Nov 2013 to include solo animations on avsitter menu. Just click & sit.. Remainder of menu (couples) is on easy to use pose ball menu*

Now includes options for facial animations or without. Lifetime updates.

Great looking mesh smoking chair which has been animated to a very high standard couples sex chair. Includes solo positions, cuddles and an excellent and varied sex menu of high quality animations personally selected. No freebie animations. Check out the demo in store if you wish :)

To me its hard to say what is main best feature of this fine made chair, simply cos she does have more then few excellent features.

Design is great. Timeless, traditional. Sex Smoking Chair v.11.13 in black will fit in any private or public home and give it that refine and high class design look.

MLPV2.4z9 trusted menu with dances, kiss and cuddle, for and after, oral, girls only, girl on top, male on top, rear and standing couple sub menus are easy to use and filled with premium chosen high quality animations for your pleasure and sensual RP moments.

No matter if you are dominant master or you just like "regular" sex, this chair will accommodate you well for seating or for adult fun. Awesome price for awesome product.

Highly recommended Sex Smoking Chair v.11.13 can be find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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