Canis Bed by Abiss  - copy version

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Frasha Boa

- Abiss Interior Design

There are few creators in SL that just stand out from "average and crowd", that are able, sometimes without even knowing, to add that special something and final touch to they creations and make them unique, almost work of art.

Since good taste is something that is individual in eyes of viewer i wont go there, but i will claim that Frasha Boa owner and creator of Abiss Interior Design got that special touch and knows how to make her furniture and buildings amazing in look and in function.

For todays review we choose Canis Bed by Abiss; unique build and design. Some details and technical description form creator:

"We are proud to present our latest exclusive bed. 3d produced and shaded it sets new standards to SL furniture.

Prim count:
bed - 18 prims

bed size is 4 x 4.7 m


Bed - multi texture - several highly detailed and realistic textures every part of design can be customized with ease via menu.

Framework colors - materials are in black and white. Dog chains are available in silver or gold finish.

Separate texture options for duvet, pillows and mattress, 11 texture variations for each segment. Additional mod rights allow unlimited number of possibilities ( if someone might need special color options)
Touch Headboard for design feature menu
Touch elsewhere for animation - pose ball menu

There is around 600 different animations grouped into roughly 300 pose pairs. For complete list of poses, visit in world store.

Activities and fun - Breakfast in bed , notebook computers, books etc... couples(10 pairs) and solo (12)

*** poses are set with most common avatars height ( 100 for male, 80 for female) ***

Let me say what this bed cant do and where it wont fit, cos its shorter lol. It wont rez you sex partner and it wont fit in slum. All else this fine product will do for you.

Made as decoration of any interior high class space, unique and remarkable, its filled with over 600 premium top quality animations in easy to use menu that will satisfy all you RP needs. From friendly chat to hard core sex with multiple partners.

On test, like always when it comes to Frasha Boa products, all was working smooth and with out any issues. Quality in design and performance is indisputable. There for, i can only strongly recommend Canis Bed by Abiss to all that like class and high style look with top hard core performance.

I will only add that pictures no matter how good they are dont do justice to this fine work of art, it just looks so awesome in world, so please use link under the text and see for your own eyes what im talking about:



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