Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Kacey Pomegranate


Its my pleasure to review something that i really like and use for some time now in my private SL castle from the store that i think its great.

X-CLUSIVES MASTERS BENCH made by Kacey Pomegranate owner of X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS is "must have" item for all bondage ands BDSM enthusiasts regardless of they gender or sexual preferences. Allow me to explain that; there is 4 versions of this fine bench, for master and for mistress with male or female sub/slave.

With amazing 3 prims land impact (when not in use) this fine high class looking bench is one of prim lightest toys that u can find on SL adult furniture market today with great performance and amazing animations.

Xpose engine in user friendly menu contains smooth running top quality made animations for your D/S RP. It will rez bondage post, or you can just tie up sub/slave direct to chest. All is automatic and working with most used CISS cuff system.

Like always when it comes to X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS you are getting perfect made product that will satisfy your RP needs and let your fantasy and desire run wild.

To remind all what X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS are all about:

X-Clusives Animations ...

* Is one of the most popular animation shops in all of SL

* Has unique animations from romance to sex, daily living to dance, club animations & specialized BDSM devices, furnishings for the entire house, indoors and out (all animated).

* Has been in business for over 6 years and continues to grow!

* Has a main store covering 2 Sims FULL SIMS.

* Has over 10,000 members in 2 groups - The VIP group offers 25% discount on most products and special MM Board gifts.

* Is competitively priced, with numerous daily specials, discounts, in-store hunts, Free Specials, MM Boards and spontaneous prize give away.

* Doesn't just set up the shop and leave it to run itself.

* Has 20+ staff members offering high quality customer service, practically around the clock, and numerous languages represented.

* Hosts dances and contest within the shop, allowing for more socializing.

* Also host a number of high quality third-party vendor items.

* Partners with numerous businesses and events to help make Second Life a more diverse, enjoyable experience for all.

Highly recommended, your reviewer keeps 2  X-CLUSIVES MASTERS BENCH rezed at his home, you can find this and many more fine X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS products on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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