[AA] Sex Photo Studio

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

From the sea of sex beds, chairs and couches Alina Graf jumps out unique and with fresh amazing ideas again. Im proud to present [AA] Sex Photo Studio from Alina animations store.

So many times i did say so many good stuff about her furniture and animations but she is making me say it all over again. With new [AA] Sex Photo Studio, Alina Graf reaches out to whole new segment of market in SL adult furniture industry that was, in my opinion, hungry for some fine product like this one.

First few words and technical details from creator:

"Invite your hot model in your personal studio, shoot her like a real photographer, then tease her and finally fuck her good.
Alone with her, together with your bisexual assistant, shy but horny, or with a second naughty model.
Sex furniture is mainly made to have intercourses but it could be used to take photos too. 20 static photo poses are included in menus.
Rezzable spot light and giver for hand-held photo camera.
Straight, female bisexual and lesbian preferences are supported.

• 224 animations, 126 poses
• FM, FF, FMF, FFF combinations
• Assistant or second model role play
• 20 static photo poses included in the engine
• 17 backgrounds, switchable clicking on photo camera
• Rezzable spot light (4 prims)
• Giver for hand-held photo camera
• Camera shooting sound
• XCite device compliant
• Example configuration for add your own backgrounds to the texture changer
• 8 prims without rezzes

• Studio is Mod, Copy
• Animations are Copy
• Scripts are Copy
• Notecards are partially Copy and partially Full Perm

• All animations are made by myself, Alina Graf"

Usually i say there is two sides to each product; functional and decorative, but this time i have to say its 3 of them. Beside obvious, and that will be implementation and enrichment of any photo and film studio in SL,  [AA] Sex Photo Studio is also ideal for photography novice and amateur enthusiast. Back ground changer and solo photography poses that are build in gives you more then enough choices to make fine pictures. Also all other poses for shooting sets that you might purchased form other photography pose creators can be add to this fine product. Same goes for back ground.

Now on the sex side of it, again like always when it comes to Alina Animations products, i can only say words of recommendation and job well done.

In Xpose menu, so user friendly made, you will find 224 hand made Alina Graf animations. All of them are smooth, impeccable, and best top quality that you can find.

Accommodating couples and 3 somes in all combinations new [AA] Sex Photo Studio will make your sensual dreams come true and run wild. It will give you that top model felling with out come of photo session in any way you decide to go.

With out any doubt [AA] Sex Photo Studio is another unique and amazing product form Alina Animations store that is high quality made, fun to have and pleasure to use. All that for more then fair and affordable price.

This and other fine Alina animations products you can find on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:



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