:.: Sweet Tortures :.: Bondage Post v2

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Dani Knelstrom

- Danimations Store

Traveling true SL in my search for new and better furniture i was successful in discovering one more brand new/old store for your reading pleasure. Let me explain that new/old. Dani Knelstrom owner of Danimations is well know for her clothes and other fine products that she selling for more then few years in SL. Now she decided to take one step more and start line of her own sex furniture.

This is what she says: "Danimations™ is a new Danika line launched February 2012 and is my "pet project" :)

This line includes beds, sofas, hot-tubs all powered by the Danika FME engine, filled with only the BEST erotic animations from the best animation studios working in SL, and with lots of fun designs that are unique, colorful and just more FUN than most sex furnitures.

Also lots of roleplay stuff, HUDs, and other toys!

Come try this naughty stuff!"

For opening review of her fine store on my blog Dani Knelstrom choose :.: Sweet Tortures :.: Bondage Post v2.

First impression that i have after rezzing :.: Sweet Tortures :.: Bondage Post v2 is top look and great design at amazing low prim. 100% mesh brings us just 2 prims land impact when bondage post is not in use. Well done. Also there is separate texture hud that you will find in purchase box, so option to perfectly texture and blend that post in your own dungeon or place where you will use it is also present and included.

Xpose and CISS based menu is user friendly, all is rezing and working perfectly. Sub menus are logic and easy to play with, so satisfaction in bondage d/s RP with this fine piece of Danimations furniture is guaranteed.

Animations are carefully chosen and only premium best ones are used in this fine adult furniture equipment piece that Dani Knelstrom did create for us. Also i have to add here that if u are looking for something that is rough and pushing the limit in BDSM furniture you will be pleasantly surprised with  :.: Sweet Tortures :.: Bondage Post v2. Its going hard as far you chose to go, so i do believe that BDSM pro players will embrace it with bout hands.

With all that said i can only recommend :.: Sweet Tortures :.: Bondage Post v2 that you can find in world store on link below:


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