Smooching Serpents Pure Latex

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eve Light


In top line of BDSM/RLV beds from SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture Eve Light the owner and creator decide to make opening intro bed in wonderful world of bondage and fetish sex.

Smooching Serpents Pure Latex is price most affordable but still amazing big in menu options and performance. Actually its safe to say that with this bed you have full dungeon in side it.

First few opening words and technical details from creator:

"A new generation of Vacuum Beds in SL!
Torture your Latex Slave with Breath Control, Clamps, Candles or an Auto-Whipping/Fucking Machine! Give Breath through a Rubber Hose! Or connect the Hose to another Body part ;-)


- vacuum, gas mask, clamps, candles, hose animations
- many, many high quality animations
- solo, couples, 3some, 2tops, 2subs
- cuddles, massage, lesbian, foreplay, sex, D/s, BDSM, spanking, whipping, foot fetish, rape,...
- rezzes additional devices (cross, stock, bench, throne,...)
- powerful fucking machine with tentacles
- facial expressions
- gives cuffs, flogger, bullwhip, dildo, strapon
- lockguard compatible
- 100% Mesh, very high LOD
- unique design with texture- and color change
- enhanced RLV options!


Menu PRESET - Loads Preset Restriction Settings for a quick tie down:
"Totally Helpless" makes the sub totally helpless and blind (ALL possible restrictions!)
"Public Slut" makes the sub perfectly restricted for fucking in public (BlurView, strip, block IM,+ more)
"Romance" makes a nice romantic setting (loads Preset Environment "Red Delight", blocks Chat, strip)

Menu CHAT/IM - control the victims communication (block read/send Chat, IM, Emote, force Whisper, force Normal)

Menu MISC - misc restrictions like no see names, no edit, no rezz, no far-touch, no scripts, no see textures, no notecards, + more

Menu Maps/TP - hide map, minimap and location
- Force TP your victim:
* to preset places (TP DestinationMenu), takes you to some great Sims on SL!!!
* to a destination of your choice: simply type <Sim Name>/<x>/<y>/<z> in chat (example: Villareal/100/61/31)

Menu Vision - control the subs view (Blur the screen, Blind/totally black screen)
- Ambiance: make the subs environment glow red, look like a fairy tale, dark foggy, or surreal (Preset Environments)
- Daytime: force change the subs Daytime

Menu Clothing - Force Strip, force Detach, forbid wearing clothes, forbid Detach/Attach"

This was maybe little "dry" to read, but with so much technical advance and innovation in SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture i think its good to tell customers and users what wast choice of options they have in side.

Full dungeon in privacy of your own bed room, ideal for open to public sim and club owners cos all form Smooching Serpents store is copy this fine piece of furniture will leave no one emotionless.

In user friendly menu beside RLV and texture changer you will find variety of sub menus to use depends on situation and number of person you wanna RP. All in perfect, smooth, unique high quality animations and high detailed impeccable props that bed will rezz to follow your RP style and story.

With all that said i can only give my recommendation for this fine Smooching Serpents Pure Latex bed, and advise all BDSM bondage enthusiasts to try it out. Novice will learn, experts will be amazed and all will be enjoying them selfs.

This Smooching Serpents Pure Latex bed and other fine furniture form SMOOCHING SERPENTS RLV Furniture store you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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