~Dirty Deeds~ Wall-Banger - Mirror Version

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cimone Blackburn

- Dirty Deeds Store

Owner and creator of Dirty Deeds Store, Cimone Blackburn, must be doing more then a few things right way, because i did receive many requests to do review of her ~Dirty Deeds~ Wall-Banger - Mirror Version.

Since all feedback that im getting from you my dear readers is more then appreciated and im always trying to for fill any request if its in my ability, today for your reading pleasure i present ~Dirty Deeds~ Wall-Banger - Mirror Version.

Some opening words and technical details form builder and creator of the reviewed item, Cimone Blackburn:

"The "Wall-Banger - Mirror Version" is packed with Over 45 Carefully Chosen Top Notch Animations! The menus are filled with lots of XXX, Foreplay & Threesome poses all made for use against the Mirror or Standing... Touch the the Mirror to bring up the Couples & XXX Menu, then sit on the pose balls to get your FrEaK oN!

This Dirty Mirror has menus including poses like Dance, Kiss, Fuck, Slap, Cum & MoRe.!!
( you can even change the texture of the Floor Mess!! choose from 9 different styles )

Threesome Menu!

Facial Expressions added to the Menus to give your av a realistic expression..

Made with high quality, dirty textures for a nice worn-in look.
(complete with shadow & texture changing mess on the floor! )

(bring up the mirror menu, & select ★Floor★)

CHOOSE FROM: Nothing, Dirt, Used Condom, Puke, Pee, Blood, or Cum!!

♦ 39 Couples Animations..
(Touch the MIRROR to bring up the Menu.. Choose pose, then sit on the balls)

♦ 9 Threesome Animations...
(Both MMF & MFF.. Touch the MIRROR to bring up the Menu.. Choose pose & sit)

( 48 animations in total!! )

4 prims.


Poses are adjustable."

To me personally its no wonder at all why i did so many requests for this review.  ~Dirty Deeds~ Wall-Banger - Mirror Version is well made low in prim unique looking object. made fit in many different rp environments with ease.
It will look good in slum, dungeon, urban rp and so many more.

Menu is extremely user friendly and MLPV2.4z8 well known and trusted. Filled with high quality chosen animations in well presented sub menus will give you hours of pleasure and enjoyment.

Price is fair for high level of quality that Dirty Deeds Store provides for customers, and reviewed item ~Dirty Deeds~ Wall-Banger - Mirror Version is wide available to all levels of SL users.

Since i meet Cimone Blackburn few month back when i started with my own blog she is making great steps forward in furniture making and raising level of quality and standards to highest possible for her products and customer service.

Safe and recommended buy of this high quality well designed ~Dirty Deeds~ Wall-Banger - Mirror Version can be done on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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