[AA] Office Desk V2 Classic

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

We did waited for few weeks but it did pay off; Alina is back with brand new sex table and free update and upgrade of old glass one.

Main new features:

- male or female boss
- new vintage brass lamp
- 245 animations
- sex toys rezzable inside the drawer

Here are full technical data from creator Alina Graf:

Alina Animations presents her new sex furniture.
Sex desk for office with Boss-secretary couple or 3-some sex interaction. Accessories to furnish the desk, rezzable items together with poses and texture changer for chairs.
2 versions available: a modern glassy one, a classic wood one full mesh

Office RPG:
male horny boss and female slutty secretary, bitchy boss lady and obedient male secretary, or boss lady and female secretary for a lesbo play.
Male boss and 2 female secretaries, female boss and 2 male assistants, female boss and 2 female secretaries.


Home made animations for straight male and bisexual or lesbian female game play:
• Male Boss: 2 tease menu, 2 oral sex menu, 3 sex menu
• Boss lady: 2 tease menu, 2 oral sex menu, 2 sex menu
• Lesbians: 2 tease menu, 1 oral menu, 2 strap-on menu.
• Male Boss + FF: 2 menus
• Female Boss + MM: 2 menus
• Lez Boss + FF: 1 menus

• 245 animations and 124 poses for couples
• Accessories provided separately: desktop pc, lamp and telephone
• Rezzable accessories together with poses
• 8 prims for main furniture (no accessories or poseballs)
• 4, 5, and 6 prims for accessories
• Rezzable toys from menu: a big black dildo, a red vibe, a Viagra tablet box
• Texture changer for boss chair and separate for secretary chair: 3 leather colors / 6 fabric colors

Desk is Mod, Copy, no trasfer.
Animations are Copy.
Scripts are Copy.

All animations are made by me, Alina Graf
Mesh desk is made by Selina Anatra
Vintage Lamp is made by Bethi Catteneo

New Alina Animations [AA] Office Desk V2 Classic brings touch of class and prestige and fits perfectly in manors, mansions and castles that are so popular now in SL.

With expanding menu, 3somes and male female boss play it gives even more options and pleasure in use for final consumer. Animations are, traditionally when it comes to Alina Graf, smooth and unique, made by hand in top quality and fps to give you best in performance and RP pleasure, making each use like brand new sensual erotic experience.

Texture changer in chair and draw full of kinky sexual toys to rez is welcomed addition in this [AA] Office Desk V2 Classic from Alina Animations store.

Easy to use, Xpose driven with logical menu, divided in user friendly sub menus, is great addition to any indoor space of your own choosing and with Alina quality, constant free updates and upgrades you can be sure that you getting best that SL adult furniture market have to offer at this time.

This [AA] Office Desk V2 Classic and other fine Alina Animations products you can find on SL market place and in world store on links under the text:



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