GETZAPPED! new year weekend special 3 item review

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Zaphod Plutonian

- GETZAPPED! Toys and what not

GETZAPPED! Wrap-a-sub
GETZAPPED! Candy Cane Gag
GETZAPPED! Bondage Tree

Finally Saturday :) Last one in the year and last weekend before craziest night in year. So i was thinking, what shall i do and review to make this last weekend special for my readers. First thing that come to my mind is do something seasonal. So i did. Then i think more. Do like in tv sale shows, not one not two but 3 items. And all in cheaper then dirt prices. So lets get busy ;)

Brand new store on my blog, never reviewed and presented before, GETZAPPED! Toys and what not owned by Zaphod Plutonian. Fine lady and hot avi, this is what she says about her creations "everything is inspired by a deep love for RP"

What fine quote that is my dear readers. Today for you we did chose 3 items, price range form 150 to 400 lindens all premium made and all in season. This review will be like dom/sub RLV new year paradise.

So lets start with GETZAPPED! Wrap-a-sub

GETTZAPPED! Wrap-a-sub. This is a seasonal RLV device designed to wrap up a sub of gift exchanges or just cause its that time of year!

• Are RLV scripted. When wrapped up the following restrictions are applied:
o Sit, fly, TP to location, TP lure, TP landmark, Far touch, Chat normal, edit, rez, show world map, show mini map, and touch world.
o Option to disable or enable of instant messages.
o Option to force mouse look which Blinds the captives if they do not stay in mouse look.
• Automatic “re-lock” when a person logs in and out.
• In-world based timer.
• Only the owner and a single designated recipient of the gift can access it.
• Grab feature to capture selected avatar within a range configured by the owner.
• Each box has 4 anchor points that will attach chains to the occupants cuffs.
• Is sold with MOD/TRANSFER rights. With these rights you can set the box for sale the new owner will get the box and be able to unwrap his/her present. Take care if you are adjusting it! Contact me if you inadvertently ruin it.

Access to the package:
Access to the present is owner only or a designated recipient. To set the recipient do the following:
• If the present is in world Then click on the “General” tab. Insert the UUID of the person that is to receive the present. You can get it from their profile. Then click on the present and press reset. You will see a label above the present that indicates to and from for the gift.
• If the present is in inventory right click on it then select properties. Insert the UUID of the person that is to receive the present. You can get it from their profile. When you rez the present in world it will reset and you will see a label above the present that indicates to and from for the gift.

Setting For sale:
Once you got your sub all cozy you can set the box for sale if you want. You will lose your present box if you do this … so be forewarned!
• Right click it and select edit.
• Under the “General” tab click the box next to for sale.
• Enter the sale amount.
• Make sure the pull down in the sales box is set to sell original.
• In the “Click to:” pull down you may want to make sure it is set back to “Touch” if not then the option on touch will be “Buy” by default.

Helpful hints:
• If you want to lock yourself up with a timer. Set the timer first, and then sit. Then Wrap yourself up. Once you are locked you cannot access the menu. If the timer is not set you will not be able to unlock yourself and there is no time limit!

Cell Dialogs:
There are several options available from when you click on the cell based upon the permission set in the cell and the current state of the cell (open/closed, locked/unlocked). Here are all the options and then what options.

When Unwrapped:
Grab! - Opens up the grab dialog to select an avatar to grab and cage.
Wrap - Wraps up the present (locks).
Reset - Resets the present.
Quit - Exits the dialog.
Help - Gets the help notecard.
Get Update - Requests and update box for the present.
Set Timer - Opens up the timer dialog for setting wrap time.

When wrapped
Set ML On/Off - Forces the user into mouse look or allows camera view
Set IM On/Off - Enables or disables captives instant messages
Grab! - Opens up the grab dialog to select an avatar to grab and cage.
Unwrap - Unwraps up the present (unlocks).
Timer On/Off - Turns the cell timer off or on
Quit - Exits the dialog.
Help - Gets the help notecard.
Set Timer - Opens up the timer dialog for setting wrap time.

Timer Dialog:
This is the dialog used for setting the lock timer in the present.

Add 5 Min - Add 5 minutes to timer.
Add 15 Min - Add 15 minutes to timer.
Add 30 Min - Add 30 minutes to timer.
Add 1 Hour - Add 1 hour to timer.
Add 4 Hour - Add 4 hours to timer.
Add 8 Hour - Add 8 hours to timer.
Add 24 Hour - Add 24 hours to timer.
Add 7 Days - Add 7 days to timer.
Add 1 Month - Add 1 month to timer.
…Back - Go back to main dialog.
Reset - Turn off the timer and set it to 0.

Grab Dialog:
When the “Grab!” button is pressed the grab dialog will be displayed.

[Avatar Name] - Select an avatar to attempt to grab and package.
More - To get the next page of avatars to select from.
Quit - To Quit this dialog and return to the main dialog.

Next in line, GETZAPPED! Candy Cane Gag


This cute gag is designed to properly silence any santa or toy! These are in a line of gags that originally started from the great work of Dari-Haus and are evolving into a much improved product.

* No whispering chat spam.
* Fully Menu Driven.
* Timelock Punishment Feature.
* Particle Drool.
* Silent Alarm.
* Wear-'n-Forget.
* Muffled Speech with Increasing Strictness. All muffled speech forced to a whisper. It uses a muffle channel for those without RLV. For those with all channel 0 chat will be sent to the muffle channel automatic.
* Custom descriptive messages.
* Safeword.
* Endurance Tracking and High Score.
* Owner List with Restriction. Ability to turn off owner menu access for more flexible play.
* Restrained Love Support. Inserted and locked gag has the following restrictions:
No Detach
No Chat
All Chat sent to Muffle
Whisper Only
Emotes available (a gagged person without emotes is boring!)
* Automatic updates.
* 9 selectable Ribbon Textures

Last but not least, GETZAPPED! Bondage Tree

This is a festive bondage Christmas tree to help with your celebrations. The tree itself is a locking posing stand that can be set for public or private access.

- Modify rights so you can retexture your tree as you desire.
- Sub or a nearby person can adjust the position and rotation of the current pose.
- Sub or a nearby person can adjust the tree branches and top to best fit the person on the stand.
- RLV locking.
No stand
No Sit TP
No TP to Location
No TP Lure
No TP to Landmark
No Touch of objects more than 1.5 Meters away
- Will re-capture a locked victim if he or she re-logs.

Download the note card for all the gory details!

How about that my dear readers, my fingers are smoking for you reading and shopping pleasure today ;)

I hope this was not to technical for you, and that you will find something you like from reviewed items today. Personally i like them all, they are great for your own use or perfect as new year gift. So please check them out on market place or in world store on links under the text:






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