Classic Book Nook (Adult) v2

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

Sara Greene is making big steps in SL furniture making. She is creating more beautiful and  more desirable items each day. Since i live in SL castle i do have tendency towards oak wood and classic high style looking furniture so when i did see new  Classic Book Nook (Adult) v2 is was thrilled. Amazingly well build and great looking piece of furniture.

Lets give Sara Greene, creator, chance to say few words and describe it for us:

Mesh item - requires a mesh viewer :)

Book Nook is available in either PG or Adult versions.
This listing is for the Adult Book Nook.

This classic Book Nook is a combination of bookcase, couch, lounger, reading nook.... free-standing with a central bench seat and cushions, lined with double bookshelves and flanked with working cupboards and drawers. Beneath the bench seat is a double drawer which when open reveals a hidden mattress! The Nook features 2 x 6 single animations, 32 of the lovliest PG couples poses and 38 supersexy Adult poses, including 12 multipose sequences. Made in solid hardwood with gold highlights and stenciling, this is a statement piece to grace any living room or library!

Woods, cushions, bench seat and mattress are texture-change, touch the single book on the left for a menu. The back wall of the nook can be changed to an alpha texture, so you can place against a window if desired. Each internal bookcase will rezz different styles of books, touch the single book on the left for the Rezzer&Texturechange menu.

To use the nook, sit directly on the cushions. Hovertext shows which cushion is set up for male or female - this hovertext can be easily removed by the owner. Animations are driven by the MPS engine for low lag and efficiency.

The animations menu is divided into Singles, CouplesPG, CouplesXX, Sequences and Extras, laid out in logical order to easily find the pose you need. Singles contains 6 animations, some with props. Couples has 27 couples poses and activities (see the pictures for some of the animations). CouplesXX has 31 adult poses, and the Sequences menu contains 12 multi-pose sequences - 5 PG and 7 Adult- each comprising several linked animations resulting in a much longer animated sequences than normally possible. Some animations require that you click the large drawer to reveal the hidden mattress! The final Extras menu contains 38 of the individual Adult animations used in the sequences menu.

Adult animations are scripted to work with Xcite! genitals and include facial expressions (which can be turned off if required)

Each person can adjust the animation position if required and the Book Nook will remember the individual adjustments of up to 400 people!

Prims are mod/copy, scripts/animations are copy only.

The way i see it this Classic Book Nook (Adult) v2 got all what it takes to become new selling hit.

Design is impeccable and unseen so far in SL. Personally i dont know any piece of furniture even remote similar to this one if we dont count classic book shelf. Texture changer will make it fit in any interior you wanna lay it down and use it.

Menu is intuitive and user friendly, covering all form pg and hanging out with friends to hard core sex. Also there is plenty in side that will be rezed to back up animation like guitar, books, lap top etc. Xcite system is also valuable feature that is in side.

All that with Sara Greene customer service and fair price that is even low for quality and features that Classic Book Nook (Adult) v2 offers, makes this item safe purchase and "must buy" for this week.

This and rest fine items form Pestique store you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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