Pestique Romantics Valence Bedroom Suite (Adult)

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

I respect and appreciate all feed back that am getting form my readers big time. They are extremely helpful when im choosing what to use for new review or how to present some store. Judging by your im's that you send me there is no doubt you like Pestique store couches reviews that i make but thats not all that Sara Greene fine store has to offer.

So today for your reading pleasure ill make review of Pestique Romantics Valence Bedroom Suite (Adult) fully furnished room with sex bed and all other furniture.

Couple words from Sara Greene, creator, about technical details and all else that you will find in Pestique Romantics Valence Bedroom Suite (Adult) purchase box:

"Mesh object, requires a mesh enabled viewer!

Full Bedroom Suite including Bed, Wardrobe, Dresser, Bedside Cabinets and Mesh Rug.

319 animations for single & couples, includes 15 sequences.

Wooden bed with deep valence sheet and traditional duvet. Texture-change menu for bed frame and linens giving 100's of texture variations. Rezzes an optional 'sleeping' blanket which works with the sleeping animations to cover the avatars, this blanket will automatically pick up the same texture as the duvet.

With this bed I tried to create a beautiful menu for couples. The menu is packed with romantic kisses, cuddles, and fun activities such as pillow fighting and eating breakfast. Sequences are include drinking wine together, massages and sleeping.
Adult menu ranges from foreplay to hardcore sex and includes 9 sequences. As a bonus I added a short menu containing 2 cuddles and three sex animations for three people (female/male/female)
The 'Extras' menu has 53 of the individual animations used in the sequences.

Menus are laid out intuitively making it easy to find the pose you need :)

Some of the singles and couples animations will rezz props or use worn items which can be obtained from the 'Give' menu button.

Dresser, Cabinets & Wardrobe all have working doors and drawers, and rezz decorative props. The wardrobe will rezz a blank picture frame which you can use to add your own pictures!
Texture-change woods & door decoration to co-ordinate with the bed.

Animations menu:

15 single
27 cuddle/kiss
8 foreplay
36 sex
6 PG sequences
9 Adult sequences
2 threesome cuddles
3 threesome sex

All prims are mod/copy, all scripts/animations are copy only. Rezzed props are copy"

First i like to say that you can buy this bed separate if you dont need whole room furniture.

When it comes to bed, i do think that Sara Greene did even better job then on her awesome couches. Menu is bigger, more options, all in same high quality that we are use to have from her.

100% mesh with texture changer low land impact item will fit in any interior space that you wanna use it after just few clicks. Giving you option to have bed room of your dreams in SL.

When it comes to functional value, menu is simple to use with good placed sub menus, allowing you to go from cuddles and hanging out, true foreplay all the way to hard core sex. All that in top of the line high quality chosen animations that will make your RP on this Pestique Romantics Valence Bedroom Suite (Adult) in unforgettable pleasure sensual experience.  

This is one more of high quality made items from Sara Greene's Pestique store that i recommend and u can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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