[AA] Lapdancer Chair 6.0M Chesterfield - Copy

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

Reaching out to my readers requests today i will do review of Alina Graf's Lapdancer Chair 6.0M Chesterfield. And dont forget your opinion my readers is important to me, so fell free to send your im's and contact me on furniture that you like to read about. If its in my power i will make requested review any time i can.

Now back to review. Alina Animation store is often at my blog
but that dont have much to do with her and me being good friends. Fact is that she is making high quality furniture and animations that people in SL like to use.

Lets do technical side first and give some space to Alina Graf creator of [AA] Lapdancer Chair 6.0M Chesterfield to say few words:



Texture changer for seat and back in 12 leather textures: check pictures.

Finally you can buy a Lap-dancer Couch cheap enough to use it in your house to entertain your partner/lover or fill up your club and complete, from lap dances to teasing and flirting, to hardcore couple poses!

The chair simulates a complete private lap dancing cycle in full menus: Dance, 4Play, Hardcore, Kiss. For MF and FF, and Erotic dancing, showing dancer hot body, teasing the customer, letting him/her touch and fondle the dancer, playing with all kind of foreplay including hand and oral sex, and finally let him/her fuck the dancer in every position. All animations have facial expressions included and the owner can adjust poses.
Clubs could set menus to Group Only while the balls to use for all, so only club dancers will have control. Choices are Owner Only, Group Only or All.

TO OPEN SEX ENGINE MAIN MENU: Click on chair back to have poses main menu <<<<

TO OPEN TEXTURE CHANGER MENU: Click on chair shadow to change both parts <<<<

• 6 prim sculpt design, shadow included
• 261 handmade animations in 160 couple poses driven by Menus:
MF Dances&Teases: 19 poses
MF Foreplay&Oral: 23 poses
MF Sex&Hardcore: 27 poses
FF Dances&Teases: 21 poses
FF Foreplay&Oral: 11 poses
FF Sex&Hardcore: 17 poses
MMF: 14 poses
FFM: 14 poses
FFF. 14 poses
• 36 animations in build-in AVsitter script
• XPose sex engine
• XCite devices compatibility
• Texture changer with 12 leather choices included torn and dirty ones.
• Changer permissions (All, Group, Owner) for both Balls and/or Menus
• Mod chair: the owner can change size and colors. Engine note cards can be mod and improved. Positions can be adjusted and saved into notecard following XPose Help.

For any issue call me: ALINA GRAF"

In my eyes this is not the prim lightest chair that Alina ever made, aldo its just 6 prims land impact, but its certainly the best looking one. Following latest trends in Sl furniture making Alina is giving us 100% mesh object with 3 menus in side; texture changer menu, AVseatter no pose ball menu, and good old Xpose 4.0

[AA] Lapdancer Chair 6.0M Chesterfield is before anything else all round chair, made primarily for sex but it will handle just fine any casual "friendly" surroundings and use until you go deeper in menu and let that chair "rip" nasty stuff out. Necessity for any better strip club but also great choice for private SL home living room.

Alina Animations are custom hand made by her. Its top line in more then few ways, fps in animation, over lapin time etc, but to make long story shot and dont sound to bored and "dry" to read lets say they are awesome to use and watch, and many sold copies of Alina products and wide SL covering (you will find at least one of her product on any major sex sim) prove that im not the only one who thinks so.

When it comes to this particular model, [AA] Lapdancer Chair 6.0M Chesterfield in transfer version price is just bit over 1000 lin, and comparing that what chair have to offer, quality made, texture changer, Xcite compatibility, impeccable smooth animations and all rest, i will say its cheap. Many other creators charge much more for much less in performance. And one more thing, to show that i mean all that i said here, im using [AA] Lapdancer Chair 6.0M Chesterfield in my SL Castle home.

Direct SL market place and in world store link under the text:



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