Bad@zz - 3 prim bedroom Set (NO COPY) 38 textures + 700 anims

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Mihai Antwerp

- Bad@zz Sex Furniture & Apparel

Mesh fever running all over SL and seems like all are infected. I will admit that some clothes and maybe some houses looking good build in mesh, but guess what, i still live in my custom made sculpt map made castle. Why? Simple, its f****ing wonder full and it has only 180 prims land impact instead 1500 or more that structure this size will have in just prims or in mesh made by true artist. Some furniture builders just skip sculpt maps building and went straight to mesh, while others perfected and master creating sculpt maps use to art level.

With any doubt one of sculpt map artist maker is Mihai Antwerp owner of Bad@zz Sex Furniture & Apparel that im proud to present for first, but for sure not last, time on my blog. Saving prims in unbelievable way he manages to create "eye catching" furniture that is more decoration then just "standard" sex bed.

For opening review on my SL adult furniture and equipment blog we did choose Bad@zz - 3 prim bedroom Set (NO COPY) 38 textures + 700 anims. Let me give creator space to describe it:

This Low prim bed set contains a sex bed that is also a bdsm bed, rlv bed, love bed, cuddle bed, bondage bed, threesome bed all in 1(not a mesh bed). The Sexbed has 700+ sex animations

** NOTE: This is the NO COPY version. A non copy version can be found in the "related" section below ** (we always strongly advice the copy)

● S U M M A R Y ●

☑ 700+ poses
☑ 3 Prim total (Bed+Nightstands+lamps+rug)
☑ Texture change option, bringing over 38 styles)
☑ Perfectly matching other Bad@zz sex furniture, which also is extremely low prim, full of all types of sex (including alot of bdsm/forced/rough) and comes in massive amount of textures

☑ LOTS of sexual flavors included (love,bdsm,fetishes, RLV, forced, 3somes (MFM+FMF), bondage,cuddles,lap dances,2 girls lap dancing for guy, roleplay anims (sleep, smoke, fun, read magazine etc) - See list on the bottom of the page for a full overview)
☑ All textures were custom made for this specific bed by Bad@zz. No easy texture slapping
☑ Great customer service, in case you need it
☑ Fantastic LOD (meaning it the bed set does not deform when you zoom out or walk away a bit) like most other low prims do.
☑ The looks of a high prim bed set pushed into the prim count of a low prim one
☑ Option to change & save poses and make them fit even better for your avatar without any script skills.

● A N I M A T I O N S ●

700+ animations, including

- Bdsm
- Bondage
- Roleplay
- Forced sex
- Spanking
- Master Slave Hugs
- Capture
- Suspension
- Tickling
- Sadism / Torture
- Threesome lap dances (MFF)
- Threesome capture / Bondage
- Threesome regular sex (MFM & FMF)
- Threesome hugs
- Electro play
- Sitting animations,
- Gorean sit/kneel poses
- Lap dance for him (1 girl or 2 girls at the same time)
- Vampire animations
- Anal
- Blowjobs
- Eating out
- Masturbates
- Handjobs
- Feet
- Booblicking
- Massaging
- Recreational poses (Ask her to marry you)
- Romance (hugging, hold while kissing, carry , sit on lap, carry her)
- Kissing
- Stand and hold your slaves

etc etc etc etc .

● T E X T U R E - C H A N G E - M E N U ●

The bed contains over 38 different (tasteful) textures, which all can be accessed ( by a simple scripted menu, allowing you to change the style/color of a matter of seconds. There are often alot of variations even per color. For example, a color in darker and lighter, as well as brighter or more dimmed (less bright)

● S U M M A R Y ●

The flexibility in textures in combination with the wide amount sexual flavors , and the extremely low prim cost make this bed give this bed great value, because it won't bore you anytime soon, or limited you in other things you still want to put in your location.

● E N G I N E ●

- The bed uses the best multi pose engine available in secondlife: Xpose. We only wanted the best for our designs!
- Uses the regular, but comfortable pose ball blue and pink pose ball system
- Positions can easily be changed and saved (see below)

● A D A P T - P O S E S ●

Although the bed is made to fit a really wide group of sizes and shapes of avatars, there's always the possibility a pose does not fit as well as it could on your particular shape or the combination of you and your partner.

In these cases it's extremely simple to adapt that pose and actually save it too, so next time it will fit flawlessly

● C O P Y - O R - NO - C O P Y ●

NOTE: We STRONGLY recommend the copy version, since alot of people who do not expect it do loose their items as things happen as items dissapear or landlords just stopping their rental business without telling their customers. Alot of people who got the no copy one, turned out to get the copy version later after all.

Copy or No Copy
There are 2 versions of this item available.

- 1 can be copied endless of times
- 1 can not be copied ever

Obviously the no copy version is cheaper than the copy version, but keep in mind the following things when you decide to go for the NO COPY version
- With a copy version you *always* keep the item in your inventory too. With a no copy version you rez the only bed you have inworld, which means it is no longer in your inventory. When anything happens, this would not be great. A copy bed is a much saver and more secure option.

● E A S Y - S E T U P ●

Extremely Easy setup: Even if you are new or unexperienced, setting up this bed is extremely simple. Just put the bed on your land in a matter of seconds the menu starts loading. Just wait till it's done and the bed is ready for use right away. It's as simple as that!. Even if you have any issues with setting up the bed, we are always willing to help you and guide you through the process.

For any questions, feel free to contact me inworld (Master Source)

As you can read from description above this bed got all and then something. Amazing high class look, easy to use intuitive menus filled with high quality xcite compatible animations, RLV, CISS cuffs system, texture changer and all that in just 3 prims land impact.

Bad@zz Sex Furniture & Apparel is serious store. And again i can testify customer service regarding my impatience to get new furniture as fast as i can. Two years back i was waiting for one prim thrones that Mihai Antwerp was about to release and put on market. So i bought 2 of them as soon they hit show room floor. When i did rez them in my house there was some small issue with rezzing chains particles. I did im Mihai Antwerp, and he was by me under 5 min fix all with just two clicks. Needles to say i didnt have any more issues with any of fine products that i bought in Bad@zz Sex Furniture & Apparel store. So if by any chance you will need customer service, good folks from Bad@zz Sex Furniture & Apparel will be by you in no time at all.

With all that said, allow your self time my dear readers and try out Bad@zz Sex Furniture & Apparel products. Im sure you will find them amazing same as i do.

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