Lash Sweeney Horse v3.0

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Ash Ellsberg

- Lash store

I was called to look at one brand new BDSM sim, so like always, as soon as i rezed i start to look at furniture they do have on that place. To my pleasant surprise i did spot one new piece from store that i never hear before. Send im to owner, and today, for your reading pleasure, i present to you Ash Ellsberg owner of Lash store and Lash Sweeney Horse v3.0.

At the begging few word from owner and creator of lash store Ash Ellsberg:

"Lash and Ash Ellsberg

Originally I only came into SL to fix a script for someone. I discovered Kyrah's pony gear and Wendy's TS place and fell in love with Second Life.

I started building straight away but didn't have anything to sell for six months. My first product was a pair of cheeks that blushed when they heard trigger words. Since then I have very slowly built up a range of adult products including furniture, body parts, chastity belts and a nice whip. I generally only make things that I would want to use myself.

Right now I am working on a number of new projects, some of which I hope to put on sale very soon.

The first version of the Sweeney Horse appeared in 2007. It looked nothing like it does now and was not for sale. I tinkered with it for a few years before completely rebuilding, reanimating, and adding the tools. I chose mlpv2 as the pose system because it is open source and I love to tinker with the scripts. I still use mlpv2 in all my adult furniture. Everyone knows how to use it and they can add and remove poses as they wish.

I recently rebuilt the Sweeney Horse in mesh, which drastically reduced the land impact. Mesh is awesome!

I haven't put rlv in my products because I have never got around to writing the scripts and not enough people have asked me to include it. I do hope to get around to adding it soon.

I love feedback and will try to implement any feasible suggestions as long as I think they will improve the item. I do use my own products whenever I get time. I find it's the best way to improve them and I get to have fun at the same time!

I do update my products every so often and it's worth checking the store once in a while to see what version your item is up to. Or join the mailing list and you'll get a note telling you what is new at Lash. Upgrades are all free."

To my question about technical side of reviewed Lash Sweeney Horse v3.0, Ash Ellsberg replayed:

The Lash Sweeney Horse is a unique and beautiful piece of equipment built especially for sex, BDSM and body modification roleplay.

* Entirely rebuilt in mesh - now only 8 prims plus 2-3 poseballs!

* Packed with dozens of original animation sets.
- 20 Beautiful sex poses with facial expressions.
- Threesomes
- Piercing, Branding, Tattooing and Injecting.
- Ass, genitals, breasts and face.

* Request free Dom/me and sub toys from the Sweeney menu.

* Includes easy to use multi tool including five free implements to modify your slave. Use the HUD to select from the available range. Each one comes with appropriate sound, light and particle effects.

* Synchronized whip sound effects.

* Beautifully baked textures.

* Add you own animations and poses.

* Adjust the height and leg spreaders using the HUD controls.

* Lockmeister compatible chains.

* Free head harness to hold reluctant mouths open.

* Alter the color of the pads and wood to match your dungeon decor.

* Simple MLP pose adjustment and storage.

* Free lifetime upgrades!

* Free help and advice.

The way your reviewer see it, its great and unique piece of BDSM fetish equipment, well build and fair priced. Let me elaborate that:

I like creativity, and Ash Ellsberg makes all from zero, not using any full perm item from any other creator builder or animator.

Reviewed Lash Sweeney Horse v3.0 is detailed and texture changer will make it blend perfectly in any dungeon, modern or classic where you wanna rez and use it.

Animations are smooth, well made, in easy to use menu, with fetishes that are not well covered in SL adult furniture industry. Not only animations following story but you will also receive box full of props for your RP and enjoyment of using Lash Sweeney Horse v3.0.

Price under 1000 lin for this unique well made furniture with original hand made top quality animations is more then fair and Lash store customer service is awesome so with all that said i can only high recommend Lash Sweeney Horse v3.0 that you can find on SL market place or in world store on links under the text:



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