Club Couch  (ADULT) Xcite! v2 /w Texture change

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sara Greene

- Pestique store

In attempts to meet with readers request and also bring best furniture for fair price today im back in Sara Greene's Pestique store and bringing, for your reading pleasure, review of  Club Couch  (ADULT) Xcite! v2 /w Texture change.

Right away i need to say thats no wonder that Sara Greene work coming up to your attention. She sure got her way with mesh and choice of quality animations that she uses in her products with xcite and amazingly affordable price is just great.

First let me give chance to Sara Greene tells us more about todays reviewed Club Couch  (ADULT) Xcite! v2 /w Texture change:

"Simple and classic Couch for couples. MESH item, requires a mesh enabled viewer!

The Club Couch is a mesh couch for one or two people, very simple and elegant in style, baked with a beautiful and detailed stitched and buttoned leather texture for that look of pure luxury. The couch is texture change and includes all 5 leather textures from the PG version (see related items). In addition the cushion has 8 different fur textures, or can be hidden for a cleaner look.

Poses are arranged in menus for Singles, CouplesPG, CouplesXX and Extras. Singles contains 9 sits each for male and female avatars - these are unsynched, meaning each avatar can change pose without affecting the other. CouplePG menu has 21 synchronized couples cuddles and kisses, and an Activities menu with 9 poses ranging from drinking wine to watching tv or even knitting. All activity poses rezz props which will in turn give a wearable item (touch the prop to be given the wearable), on changing pose the worn item will automatically detach. CouplesXX has 22 foreplay and sex animations for a m/f couple, and a Sequences menu with 6 longplay sequences, an extra 30 unique animations linked into 6 scenes! The additional ExtrasXX menu contains all the sequence animations individually.

All adult animations in the couch are scripted to react with Xcite! genitals to control arousal levels and cock tilt. Adults and Sequence animations feature facial expressions - these can be turned off if required.
All animations are from the finest animators and are specially selected to 'fit' the couch.

Poses are easily adjustable and the couch will remember the personal adjustments of up to 400 individual avatars. All rezzed items are full prim and WILL add temporarily to prim count, however I have tried to keep them as low in prims as possible. Please allow up to 15 prims for rezzed items.

Singles Menu:

9 poses Male
9 poses Female

CouplesPG Menu:

6 casual
9 cuddles
6 kisses
9 'activities'

CouplesXX Menu:

8 Foreplay
14 Sex
6 Longplay sequences (including sleeping)

Extras Menu

All 40 poses from the Sequences menu

Perms are mod/copy, all scripts are copy only."

I see Club Couch  (ADULT) Xcite! v2 /w Texture change as amazingly well made all around couch bout for daily PG use and for Adult RP. Made with so much details its decoration in same time and value piece of sex equipment.

Menu is will adjusted, easy to use, animations smooth and i high quality. It will cover all form hanging out and friendly talk to hard core XXX action. And all that following latest trends in no pose balls system with Xcite in mesh object.

With high grade texture changer it will blend in any interior space like its custom made for it and give you and your guests countless hours of pleasure and enjoyment.

Honestly that quality in craftsmanship, details, xcite, animations, texture changer and copy permit with price that Sara Greene have is very hard to find. All that making me to strongly recommend Club Couch  (ADULT) Xcite! v2 /w Texture change for all my readers.

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