Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Sufferingfrom Lockjaw

- Erotipose


 Today it's my special pleasure to present to you, my dear readers, something new and different. Sufferingfrom Lockjaw, my dear friend, photographer, and creator of photography poses, opened a brand new main store for her fine products, and she will be one of the members of my SL furniture and equipment blog family.

Its not animated, but that does not mean it is less hot. Many of my readers are in photography and porn, and even if you are an amateur, this will come handy and allow you to capture and treasure moments of your passion with that special someone in a high quality detailed professional way.

Lets hear a few words from Sufferingfrom Lockjaw and her new Erotipose store:

"Erotipose came out out of a need for erotica poses for my hobby photography.  I was finding plenty of regular g-rated photography and a number of BDSM poses, but not very many erotica and dirty, raunchy sex poses, so I decided to learn on my own.  I started out making poses for the rp sim I was living on at the time, and decided to branch out.

Almost all of the poses I sell are ones I made for myself at some point, or with someone whom I am close to, so there is always a little extra personality in each one.  And as I wear breast implants majority of the time (Lolas), I do specialize in implant-friendly poses.

At the moment, I only have single female and M/F poses, but within the month I am going to be adding single male poses as well as F/F and M/M, as well as multi-person sex poses.  I will also be adding a special section with erotic wall wordart that I make for my own use.

((This part is the info I have on my profile pic and land info, you can use it if you want))

Erotipose strives to create sensually erotic static poses for the photographers, at a price you can actually afford:)

Suff is more than happy to do custom work, price is negotiable (contact her for estimate).

All poses with females in them are created with breast implants in mind.. no more arms going through your boobs!

Vendors are run on CasperVend, so you can send out gifts to friends, get a 10% Erotipose group discount, and try out the pose before you buy it."

Opening package for first review contains 5 well-made couple fm poses (Erotipose also selling single poses for all genders), in mlpv-driven block with menu for trial and test, and an extract point for each of them so you can set them in environment that you like the best and use them all over SL.

On the side, Sufferingfrom Lockjaw (owner and creator of Erotipose store) is my friend. She is also a talented singer, and pose maker that is making big steps forward in pose making and photography in SL, so im very anxious and in anticipation to see her work in future.

All pictures used for this review are made by Sufferingfrom Lockjaw, are older then 21 years in RL, and consent to publishing pictures on my blog.


Poses are available only in word store on link below:


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