Living room Premium - [Geometrics]

Geometrics  Living room Premium

Reviewer: Quinn Ying

Designer: Tilen Sauber

- Geometrics

Geometrics first release in sex furniture, Living room Premium is good beginning and well designed. When Tilen invited me to try it out and take a few shot of us, I was pleasantly surprised with the great job he made.
All the sex poses are just great, these positions show the designer's tastes, teasing me, both visually and emotionally! I took some shots in the form of animated GIFs wich I'll release in my blog, so you'll have a pretty good idea of what I'm talking about.
The price isn't cheap, but you'll get a full solution for your living room complete with wall TV, and lights. Tilen Sauber is a great designer and it shows through the great care he puts in his design.
It features a really modern style, which will fit most interior designers tastes, and prim impact is really low for all the props you get in one single pack!

Here's Tilen's product description:

[Geometrics] Living room Premium set
This pack includes 3 different versions, each version has different texture:
1st pack-black
2nd pack-white
3rd pack-violet
-Lamp: 6 land impact
-Sofa: 3 land impact
-Lounger: 2 land impact
-Table:6 land impact
-TV: 5 land impact
Sofa is animated and it has 230 animations.
To get menu you have to click upper part of sofa.
All animations/poses can be adjusted/modified to fit your body. Dont forget to save poses after you adjust them to your need.
Sofa menu:
There are cuddle animations,
boy/girl animations (oral,boy on top,girl on top, doggy, anal, other (like tit fucks, stand fuck,etc)
boy/girl group animations (mff,mmf,mmff)
Girls animations (Lesbian)
Fetish animations (BDSM,Mistress,Master)
Lounger is scripted with AVseatter. Just sit on it and it will play animations you choose. It has 5 single sitting animations. All poses can be adjusted threw menu.
Lamps can be turned on or turned off with just simple click on them.
Tv/media player can play any media/web page or anything what is on net. There is notecard inside TV if you need to fix any problem.
Table has nice realistic look with added books and magazines on it and in it.

Tilen hasn't set up an inworld store, so it possible to buy this Living room on the marketplace.

Marketplace Link:

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