Bed True Love HBM  Bdsm 1145+anim 2/3 some 4 some XPOSE_25A

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Windmaster4 Vernon

- Windmaster Production

One of the people that i really love to work with and who has heart big as menus in his creations is Windmaster4 Vernon owner of Windmaster Production store. This time on my blog we will present one of his latest beds; Bed True Love HBM  Bdsm 1145+anim 2/3 some 4 some XPOSE_25A

First lets hear few words from creator of Bed True Love HBM  Bdsm 1145+anim 2/3 some 4 some XPOSE_25A:

"Xpose with Xcite & 1110 plus animations

Visit the 15,000 Prim Store to test away and for more Shopping ! :)

Always something new :)

Trying to pose for your imagination....


Cuddles ~ 25 plus Sets of Poses

M/F ~ 75 plus Sets of Poses

F/F ~ 20 plus Sets of Poses

Massages ~ 10 plus Sets of Poses

Scenes ~

Normally ~ 10 Scenes ranging from 6 to 10 minutes each.

Luv Ride1...Luv Ride2...Luv Dog...Luv Blow...Stand BJ...Luv Taste
Luved...Luved_2...Stand Sex...Intimate

That you control with Prev/Hold/Next
8 to 12 poses in each for you to enjoy..

Dance for Me ~ 40 plus Sets of Poses
----2 Special Couples Dances-----
----> with hidden dance pole 20 Female .. 6 Male
----> with hidden dance stool 10 sets of poses

Hidden Tantra Chair ~ 20 plus Sets of Poses

BDSM ~ 60 plus Sets of Poses
BDSM--> (with hidden Wheel..Stocks..Gym Horse..Rez as needed to Save prims)

VAMP ~ 20 plus Sets of Poses

3-Somes ~ 60 plus Sets of Poses
With MFF - MMF - FFF

4-Somes ~ 23 plus Sets of Poses

Trying to make others Smile..one pose at a time!

Have a Great one


Windmaster Productions"

My personal impressions where, like always when it comes to Windmaster Production furniture, more then positive. Reviewed bed got wast menu, that includes all from cuddles dances and massages, true vanilla and BDSM sex to vampire and scenes, all in more then 1145 premium selected animations.

All that is with xcite, variety of props that bed will rez, in user friendly intuitive menu. Its by far one of best "all inclusive" beds on market atm. So if you trying to save prims, or just wanna have one bed for your personal use that will be eable to do all and then some Bed True Love HBM  Bdsm 1145+anim 2/3 some 4 some XPOSE_25A is excellent choice for you. Also if you looking for something for public open sex sim, no matter who will your visitors be and what kinda kink they like with new Bed True Love HBM  Bdsm 1145+anim 2/3 some 4 some XPOSE_25A all they RP needs and sensual erotic fantasies will be covered.

And allow me some writers freedom in expression, many of you knows that im active idp ipsc shooter in RL. If this bed, Bed True Love HBM  Bdsm 1145+anim 2/3 some 4 some XPOSE_25A, would be a pistol, it will be well tuned m1911 or cz 75. You can use it for competition, self defense or just plinking in back yard. Its good for all, never jams and gives you great bang for your buck ;)

Links for SL market place and in world store under the text:



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