AM Collaring Ceremony Gazebo - Modern

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: AprilMae Devin

- Alterior Motions

Today i have real treat for you my dear readers. Collaring in SL is huge, many do it for many different reasons. For some its just another way and "gadget" to spice up SL sex, and for others really serious decision that place collar in same rank as wedding ring. Regardless of your motivation for collar you will still need some piece of furniture where you can have that collaring ceremony done.

To make it special and something to remember AprilMae Devin owner and creator in Alterior Motions store come up with this great idea and project AM Collaring Ceremony Gazebo - Modern. This is how she describes it:

"Thank you for your interest in Alterior Motions Collaring Ceremony Gazebo.

The idea came to me when I went searching for something specific for the ritual of collaring a submissive in SL. In RL I understand that collaring a sub/slave is special, not taken lightly, and something that involves a lot of ritual and emotion. So I created the gazebo with this in mind. My ideas may not be the same as your but I do hope that the set up has enough variety that you can find a way to incorporate the gazebo into your own ceremony.

The animation sets are numbered in what only I think of as a logical way for a collaring ceremony to proceed. I deliberately left them in no specific sequence so you may get to know the animations one at a time and you decide which suit your own ideas of which to use in which order.

About nPose: This is a no pose ball driver menu to try and keep things tidy. As you can't choose the usual pink or blue pose balls to know who sits where there is an order that needs to be followed. nPose sits by "seats" and in this gazebo there are 3 seats. Seat 1 is the sub/slave, seat 2 the Master/Mistress, and seat 3 is the officiator. Generally speaking it is easiest to sit in the proper order; 1 then 2 then 3, however, if you muddle things up by accident there is a "change seat button" that will allow to swap over to the correct seating.

There is one prop in the nPose menu. Anyone using the menu may click on the Props button and send the prop folder to the officiating avie. There is a short delay before the menu comes up so don't click repeatedly or you will send numerous copies of the prop folder.

This was a fun project for me to do and I hope you can use and enjoy it as much as i did planning and creating it.

Aprilmae Devin."

The way i see it this is long missed and needed item for any BDSM, d/s or gorean sim. With so many classes in SL for subs and slaves, auction houses and master/misters oriented families this is really necessity.

High quality and precision made, with bundle of details and decorations AM Collaring Ceremony Gazebo - Modern will be high functional and high decorative in same time, so with out any doubt you can keep it rezed even when all collaring is done.

Animations are custom hand made and unique for just this AM Collaring Ceremony Gazebo - Modern, and they cant be find any place else in SL. Smooth and flawless, they keeping high standards and they are in same impeccable quality like the build and textures on reviewed gazebo.

Quality work by AprilMae Devin means quality customer service to, her goal is, like by all big and true creators, not just to sell but to give her customers something that they will use and enjoy while doing so. All that with more then fair price for 100% custom original work and product.

With all that said i strongly recommend Alterior Motions made  AM Collaring Ceremony Gazebo - Modern and suggest to all my readers to visit AprilMae Devin's SL market place store and in world store on links below:



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