~Dirty Deeds~  HaRd RoCk

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Cimone Blackburn

-~Dirty Deeds~

Many of your positive reactions from my dear readers regarding review from few weeks back about decoration and functionality of sex rocks that i did review for other store make me to give you my dear readers one more alternative to that.

Made by Cimone Blackburn owner of Dirty Deeds store this is more grunge/urban version of stones with menu. This is how Cimone, creator of HaRd RoCk, describe them:

The "HaRd RoCk"is packed with 45 Carefully Chosen Top Notch Animations! The menus are filled with lots of RoUgH & HaRdCoRe  poses to suit your Fantasy & Roleplay needs... it also Texture Changes to 6 different looks! Touch the Ground Base for the Texture Change Menu, or touch the Rock to bring up the Couples & XXX Menu & get NaSty!

This Rock has menus including poses like Slap, Choke, Comfort, Kiss, Rape, Fuck, Cum & MoRe.!!
(it even gives out bottles to use with certain XXX poses)

Facial Expressions added to the  XXX Menus to give your av a realistic expression..
Made with high quality, realistic textures for ALL SEASONS!!
(choose from 6 different themes)
* Spring
* Summer
* Fall
* Winter
* Beach
* Dark

♦   Touch the Ground Base Prim for the TEXTURE CHANGE menu... (you can also set the control for this menu)

♦   39 Couples Animations..  (Touch the Rock  to bring up the Menu.. Choose your pose, then sit on the balls)

♦   6 Threesome Animations... (Including MMF & MFF.. Touch Rock to bring up the Menu.. Choose pose & sit)

~ If the POSE BALLS ARE NOT VISIBLE.. then choose "STAND" from the Menu after selecting a regular pose first,
    This will bring the balls to the front of the furniture, get on them.. and then go back & choose your desired pose.

10 prims, modify, transfer

In my opinion this is another great project form Dirty Deeds store that expands RP from usual standard items that we are custom to use. In the sea of sex beds, chairs and standard furniture any change and effort to make us use something more unconventional should be welcomed.

Well build like all from Dirty Deeds store, HaRd RoCk is packed with premium high quality chosen animations, in so intuitive and easy to use menu. Plenty of all to satisfy your sensual erotic RP needs.

Texture changer is also feature that i like, and makes  HaRd RoCk easy to blend and fit in exterior of your home or public sim. All season well made item that will make you leave comfort of SL home more often and thats just doctor prescribed ;)

Links for SL market place and in world store are under the text:



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