SA Living Statue

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Selina Anatra

- Selina Anatra Designs

Today i will present to you, my dear readers, new and improved product from Selina Anatra Designs store. Constantly working to make her product better in any way possible, making own custom scripts, mesh etc Selina Anatra
brings us this time choice of 3 loving stature in different looks and materials.

This is what she says about her new product:

"SA, the leader in fine quality Furniture, brings you yet another Mesh RLV device to make your home, office or dungeon glow....

Transform your friends, pets or anyone into a fine work of art with this Living Statue...
....Works on Lola's Tango and Mirage breasts, as well as Lush breasts

It is fully RLV enabled, so you can trap someone on the base and limit their ability to talk, IM or know where they are.

It is also Xcite! and Sensations compatible, for those who become aroused by being art.

Add you own poses through the notecard driven positions."

In my eyes, this new custom fine product from Selina Anatra Designs store is necessity for any BDSM, gorean, or D/S public sim or private home.

Taking step away from standard cages that are hard to fit with all environment Selina Anatra's Living Statue will fit and look good where ever you wanna use it. Its simple and efficient, all you need is active external RLV relay or collar to grab and trap your sub/slave on it. Folder with texture will make her/his skin to turn in material that base is made of.

Time lock, different pose stands, Xcite compatibility etc just adding value to this hand made custom product. In 100% mesh with only 1 prim land impact and impeccable design with menu thats easy to use.

Im sure that this fine high quality made product form Selina Anatra Designs will find place in your homes, dungeons and all spaces of your RP pleasure.

Highly recommended you can get your own copy on links for SL market place or Selina's in world store on links below text:



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