[AA] Ultimate Rug XPOSE V5

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Alina Graf

- Alina animations

There is one thing that i can say about my friend Alina Graf owner of Alina animations store, she is worse then Britney Spears because "ups she did it again" and update and upgrade her Ultimate Rug XPOSE with new v5 version ;)

What is difference when u compare to old v4 ultimate rug:

Now it has more than 700 animations and the same price of previous versions

- 109 new animations
- updated xpose scripts
- added new menus

- new sub menus for:

 1 more for oral sex fm

 1 more for sex fm

 1 more for ffm

 1 more for mmf

 1 more for mbf ( bisex men girl)

To all that cherish and like Alinas work this is just step to make great product even better. Scripts are even more trusted, animation smoother and even more realistic. I can talk now whats the difference in Alinas work or some other high quality animators that use bone movement, maximum frames and duration in they work but im scared that i will be to dry and technical to read. Just trust me, if you didnt try her stuff by now, she is damn good ;)

Now lets point couple more things why Alinas Ultimate Rug XPOSE V5 and not something else.

First constant updates and upgrades that are free to owners of any "old" Alina animations products. All you have to do is contact Alina Graf and arrange your free update with her.

Second is price. To some it will look like much, BUT, if u compare what Ultimate Rug XPOSE V5 gives you and i what quality to other similar orgy xcite rugs on market actually its cheep. In some of my past reviews i did mention that some stores for they orgy rugs or beds got balls to ask 8500 giving less animations then Alina in this rug.

With all that said, like always, when it comes to Alina animations products, i highly recommend it to all and also advise all owners of v4 Alina animation beds and rugs to get new free update.

Links for SL market place store and in world store are under the text:



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