.:MF:. Bus Stop Sign

Reviewer: Edvard Taurion

Designer: Eline Serendipity

- .: Mystic Fantasies :.

Today its my pleasure to present for you my dear readers brand new RP item from Eline Serendipity owner of completely renewed Mystic Fantasies store.

My reviews on her furniture on blog have some of highest readings so even if this is not your requested item for review im sure that new item and fresh idea from Eline Serendipity will be interesting and worth of your time.

.:MF:. Bus Stop Sign is ideal for urban, ghetto/slum RP and this is how creator, Eline Serendipity describes it:

"Just some ways to create a scene:

You both wait for the bus, you have 20 minutes for the next bus to arrive...
He looks good, and so does she.
You feel your sex rumble, waiting for some action...
Whats wrong with a quick fuck, just waiting for the bus would be boring, right?

It was a long night and you are waiting for the first bus.
There you spot a pretty looking whore, barely clothed and she winks to you
She moves her hips, wiggles her ass and teases you with her eyes and tongue...
Its just 20bucks for a BJ and 50 if you want to dump your load in her cunt...


-waiting for the bus,
-(pole) dance
-male pissing

-Fucking front/back


2 Prims, 2 LI
Prims are COPY/MOD, contents NOT


I used some of the best Quality animations you can find in SL.

Come check it out in the shop b4 you buy it:)

NOTE1: The animations are set to the average size of SL avatars, When your avatar is much bigger/smaller, it may be out of line. You can edit this very easy. If you dont know how, you can contact me in-world.

NOTE2: Dont like the face animations? Follow the instructions on the .readme nc and you can remove/change them.

Need help?
Just check my profile for contact details
<3 Eline"

When it comes to my opinion, fist thats got my attention is land impact. Only 2 prims for such well made detailed item. textures are sharp and well made making reviewed Bus Stop Sign great item to look and have on your sim.

Menu is user friendly and in MLPV2.4z4 system. Divided in 3 sub menus with solo animations, spoiling and sex.

Solo sub menu is great for hard core para RP players, and for SL porn industry. It really gives you time and opportunity to create your own scene that will for fill your sexual fantasy in the best way and take it to the peak in spoil and sex sub menus.

Animations are, like always when it comes to Mystic Fantasies products, smooth and high quality making .:MF:. Bus Stop Sign one of the "must have" items for any urban RP place.

Price is more then fair and low so all that with Mystic Fantasies store customer service reputation makes it high recommended item for your SL RP needs.

Links for SL market place and in world store are under the text:



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